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Earning money overseas is pretty much useless if one cannot send that money back home to their families in the form of remittances or through international money transfers. In short, remittance matters a lot in the life of OFWs and their families. However, not all families of OFWs have bank accounts they can work with. [...]

List of Jollibee Stores in Singapore

Where there are Filipinos, there you’ll also find Jollibee. Well… most likely. But that has been the case here in sunny Singapore, which makes total sense because of its proximity to the Philippines and because Singapore has a huge number of OFWs, as well. Since Jollibee’s entry in the Singaporean market in early 2013, the [...]

For anyone who has plans to go to South Korea whether for work or leisure, there has been an important change as to the processing of visa applications in order to go to South Korea. Starting July 1, 2018, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea will now let visitors obtain their visas through accredited [...]

In between the everyday challenges of working and living abroad and sticking to a budget to make sure that you money saved to send back home to your family, there are still other responsibilities which OFWs are left with, especially when it comes to financial matters. Read: 5 Habits Every OFW Needs to Avoid Perhaps, one [...]

Every Filipino needs to learn about the value of savings. While there are various ways to achieve financial freedom, building your personal savings is a great start. Fortunately, many banks nowadays have improved their savings and deposit products to help every Filipino reach their dreams. PSBank is among one of the top savings banks in [...]

As far as financial literacy is concerned, it’s safe to say that most Filipinos aren’t just quite there yet. OFWs, in particular, need this just as much as we all do, because it’s hard to see all your sacrifices go to waste right when you no longer have the capacity and opportunity to earn money [...]

When it comes to top universal banks in the Philippines, there’s one name that isn’t as popular as the other big banks in the country, but has certainly expanded its scope and reach in the retail and thrift banking services in the Philippines in just a little over two decades of operation. RCBC or Rizal [...]

One of the many reasons why OFWs leave the country in pursuit of higher paying jobs is to better provide for their families back home. To make sure that our kababayans fulfil their responsibilities to their families, many of them look for and open an OFW savings account through which they can send their remittances [...]

Opening a savings account has more merits than simply just getting a safe place to keep your money. Currently, many individuals use their ATM or debit cards for doing transactions such as paying their bills, shopping, booking flights and hotel reservations, among others. With the reliable service of PNB, one of the biggest and longest-standing [...]

Being one of the Philippines’ largest and leading commercial banks, BDO has developed a variety of banking products and services to cater to a wide range of market both in the Philippines and overseas. For Filipinos working and living in their home country, BDO has proved itself time and again that it has one of [...]

Getting a chance to work overseas is an opportunity that does not come easy to everyone. To make sure that employees are at their most productive state, foreign employers are very strict in screening their applicants for illnesses and other conditions which could compromise their performance at work once hired. If you are among one [...]