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Know the Scope of a Housemaid’s Job in Singapore

Many Singaporean households depend on the services offered by foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) (from the Philippines, Indonesia, and other approved nations) to ease the burden of managing the residence which involve performing household chores to caring for the children and the elderly. However, domestic helpers are only allowed to perform certain duties and roles, as [...]

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Singapore has carved its name in the international arena for being one of the most progressive – even one of the best cities in the world when it comes to employment and living conditions, particularly for expats. Given the diverse work culture and representation in the job market, it’s no wonder why expats set their [...]

It’s a no-brainer why a lot of foreign nationals try to make it in the Lion City. Singapore is one of Asia’s strongest economic hubs. Plus, Singaporean employers and the government are generally open to working with foreigners since Singapore itself is a city of varied cultures and colors. Now that you’ve set your sight [...]

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Filipinos working abroad are now becoming rampant due to the rising job opportunities. Because of this, several countries have set their own regulations about the job orders available. Singapore, one of the most progressive countries in all of Asia, has always been a magnet to many Pinoy professionals. Overseas Filipino Workers in Singapore Here are [...]