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List of Catholic Churches in Singapore

Part of the adjustments OFWs need to make when moving overseas, either for work or settlement, is establishing a support group or assimilating in a community.

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But more than the need for belongingness or to combat homesickness, joining a community such as a local church offers far more personal and practical benefits, such as having a safe space to openly express one’s faith and then there’s networking and other services offered by the organization, such as training, shelter, and counselling or support.

List of Catholic Churches in Singapore
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Catholic Churches and Parishes in Singapore (City District)

In Singapore, there’s an estimated 7% or around 300,000 Catholics that come from various parts of the world, given the fact that the Republic is a multi-cultural nation. In this post, we will share a number of Roman Catholic churches where Christians can go to in Singapore:

  • Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Address: A, Queen St, Singapore 188533

Contact Number/s: +65 6337 2036

Website: https://cathedral.catholic.sg/

Google Map Location:

  • Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

Address: 50 Ophir Rd, Singapore 188690

Contact Number/s: +65 6294 0624

Website: http://www.lourdes.sg/

Google Map Location:

  • Church of St Alphonsus (Novena Church)

Address: 300 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307653

Contact Number/s: +65 6255 2133

Website: http://www.novenachurch.com/

Google Map Location:

  • Church of St Bernadette

Address: 12 Zion Rd, Singapore 247731

Contact Number/s: +65 6737 3529


Website: http://www.stbernadette.org.sg/

Google Map Location:

  • Church of St Michael

Address: 17 St Michael’s Rd, Singapore 327976

Contact Number/s: +65 6291 9272


Website: http://stmichael.catholic.sg/

Google Map Location:

  • Church of St Teresa

Address: 510 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 099446

Contact Number/s: +65 6271 1184


Website: http://www.stteresa.org.sg/~stteresa/

Google Map Location:

  • Church of Sts Peter and Paul

Address: 225A Queen St, Singapore 188551

Contact Number/s: +65 6337 2585


Website: http://sppchurch.org.sg/

Google Map Location:

  • Church of the Sacred Heart

Address: 111 Tank Rd, Singapore 238069

Contact Number/s: +65 6737 9285


Website: https://www.churchofthesacredheart.sg/
Google Map Location:

  • St Joseph’s Church (Victoria Street)

Address: 143 Victoria St, Singapore 188020

Contact Number/s: +65 6338 3167

Google Map Location:

In places such as Singapore, where there are plenty of overseas Filipino workers, it’s important to note that there are also a lot of places for us to express our faith and practice our religion because whether we admit it or not, putting our faith on a higher being helps us survive and thrive in places where we might feel out of place or alone.

Furthermore, it’s also good to note that Singapore openly accepts all kinds of faith that come along with various nationalities of the people working and living in the country.

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