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Alleged Pickpocket Caught on Cam Arrested

Singapore, as strict and orderly as it seems, also has its own share of “street stories” that paint an image in stark contrast of what the country has made account of itself in the past few years. And while Singapore is known as the safest country in the world based on a popular survey, there [...]

Foreign Worker Brought to Hospital after getting Involved in a Minibus Accident

Much of what goes on in everyday life goes beyond our control, but the ones that are, could also go either way depending on our judgment and motives. But the important thing in everything we do (and this hopefully goes for everyone else, as well) is that we exercise caution and take into consideration other [...]

Singapore Do’s and Don’ts

Singapore, while small as it may seem, cannot be underestimated due to the fact that it has been among one of the strongest economies not only in Asia, but all over the world today. And while some people find Singapore’s ways to be a bit too stringent in most aspects, it just shows the kind [...]

SGD 1,500 Fine Imposed on Man who took in Foreign Non-Employees Inside Farm

Smuggling people or products in the country is a serious offence on its own, but when other areas of societal regulations such as public health and land use are compromised, expect stricter sanctions to be applied by the law, on top of administrative actions that may also apply. Other considerations in such cases would also [...]

Elderly Caught with Duty Unpaid Contraband at Singapore Cruise Centre

No one is above the law. Whether we are an elderly person or a minor, for as long as we are in the wrong, everyone will be made accountable. This is the principle by which a strong government earns the trust and builds a reputation among its citizens and outside forces, as well. For as [...]

Man Sent to Prison for Embezzling Money from Girlfriend worth Almost SGD 180,000 to Gamble

Nowadays, it’s really hard to tell what a person’s intention is for making an acquaintance. Some may express pure interest, but others may also have ulterior motives. This may come in the form of stealing others’ identities, or extorting money from others through blackmailing once the other party has invested enough time and trust with [...]

Tougher Penalties Raised for Crimes against Vulnerable Sector

With the government’s attention now shifted on the care of the elderly, as well as the rights of domestic helpers – groups that are often neglected in society, new laws are also being conceived to safeguard the welfare of these sectors by imposing tougher penalties against those who commit crimes against them. This is great [...]

Intoxicated Man who Assaulted Cook After Demanding Free Food Sent to Prison, Caned

Despite stricter rules and regulations in maintaining public order and the consumption of liquor in the city, there are still cases wherein the people involved are still caught under the influence of alcohol, especially those on the road and in public establishments. Needless to say, whenever there’s alcohol involved, crimes of various levels happen one [...]

Drunk Man Jailed for Assaulting Cabby, Causing Injury to Motorcyclist

Much of what the government is striving to achieve is to clamp down on alcoholic and illegal products such as cigarettes and its variants. This is important in addressing issues affecting peace and order in the community as well as public safety. So when these things involved in misdemeanours or crimes, it can be expected [...]

Caregivers of Children with Developmental Needs Get Support Programmes from Gov’t

Vulnerable populations such as the elderly and children with special needs in the country will get some front row treatment this year as the government looks to establish policies that will not only benefit these populations but also their care and support group (family and caregivers), as well. This development will extend help and assistance [...]

New Regulations Set for Cyclists, Personal Mobility Device Users and Motorists in SG

In the government’s bid to organize traffic and pedestrian rules for the use and access of roads in the country, new rules and ordinances are being established in order to maximize the use and safe sharing of paths and roads, and also to minimize incidences of accidents. Gov’t Announces New Rules for Motorists, Cyclists, and [...]