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38 High-Speed Charging Points for Electric Vehicles Launched City-Wide

With the push for the use of “greener” electronic vehicles worldwide, new key adjustments are being explored by the government in coordination with key stakeholders to help the country ease into this transition. As these vehicles will depend on electricity as its fuel, speculations as to how this will be met sustainably in a country [...]

5 Arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Island-wide Traffic Inspection

With new laws set to take full effect on the island this 2019, city ordinances are being given attention as to how they are monitored or implemented, especially those that concern public safety and security. As anywhere in the world, public safety is a major concern, and so, incidences related to faulty behaviour particularly those [...]

Woman Arrested over Charges of Credit and Debit Card Fraud

As most transactions here in Singapore are going digital, many tech-savvy individuals can easily tamper with or get access to private information of an individual or even an entire network. Owing to this fact, authorities and lawmakers have come up with relevant laws and measures to counter the activities of online swindlers and to control [...]

VivoCity to Host ‘Largest Public Library in a Mall’ Starting Jan 12

Amid a growing number of attractions available in the city, a new public library is soon to open inside a mall in Singapore. And as the trend nowadays is geared towards providing a more interactive or immersive experience for visitors, as in museums found in the country, the new public library will also follow suit [...]

Gov’t Sets Legal Age for Smoking to 19 Starting this Year

With the entry of the New Year, several initiatives that have been developed from the previous year are now being put into effect. Among these include Orchard Road becoming a smoke-free zone, which limits cigarette smoking to more than 40 designated areas (stations) only. And while this new policy is great news for the environment [...]

Higher MRT Train and Bus Fares Put into Effect

A few months back, the government has announced that fares for public transport will soon increase by 4.3% in Singapore. With the new models and systems of public transport introduced this year, it can be said, that the decision is timely and appropriate. The good thing about Singapore’s transportation system is that while private-hire car [...]

Five Laws Set to take Effect in Singapore by 2019

Whether you’re planning to visit or work here in Singapore sometime in 2019, it’s important that you get acquainted with the new or amended laws that have been ironed out by the government as of late. Knowing these “new” laws will help you ensure a more meaningful and enjoyable stay here in the country, and [...]

best filipino restaurants singapore

Thinking of having a good ‘ole Filipino celebration with friends and all the good Filipino food back home? You’re in luck because here in Singapore there’s over a dozen of Filipino places you can go to for that Pinoy food magic that takes you back home. ALSO READ: Marina Bay to Hold Fireworks and Light [...]

Employer who Permanently Disfigured Maid Sent to Prison

In many different ways, and mostly unknown to others, people who work as domestic helpers are often subject to abuse for reasons that can be just about anything as to the discretion and judgment of their employers. In the course of one-and-a-half years, a mother of four children has repeatedly abused her maid in varying [...]

Indonesian Woman Recognized for Public Concern by SPF

As a strong and emphatic passage goes, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” ordinary people turn out to be the better persons that they are when they do something to help stop evil doings as they are happening, or even much later, as with the [...]

ICA to Recall Paper Forms for Passport, NRIC Applications Starting 2020

The public will soon have to get used to the changes when applying for services by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore. ALSO READ: ICA Introduces Electronic Arrival Cards for Foreign Nationals Since the development of the MyICA portal, a web-based service platform accessible to all citizens with SingPass used for availing services [...]