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SG Company Introduces Cabin that Filters Cigarette Smoke into Clean Air

Earlier this year, the government introduced a new set of laws which include clearing out and cleaning up one of the city’s major tourist destinations – the Orchard Road, of smokers in public. ALSO READ: 5 New Laws Set to take Effect in Singapore by 2019 And while there is still an adjustment period in [...]

Soon, Pay for Public Transport Fare with Visa Contactless Cards in Singapore

There’s no doubt that Singapore has one of the region’s best public transportation systems, and even in the world. ALSO READ: SBS Transit Buses to Offer Free Wi-Fi from February 2019 It is through constant innovation and upgrade of facilities that Singapore was able to establish itself in this aspect and remain competitive throughout the [...]

Maid who Wrongly Accused Employer’s Husband of Rape Sent to Jail

In Singapore, while many rights groups and non-government organizations seek to intensify laws that protect the rights and claim to fair treatment of foreign domestic workers, there are still cases when the problem becomes the other way around. ALSO READ: Employer Cleared of Charges of Abuse on Maid who Wanted to Return to India Lately, [...]

Foreign Worker Accused of Rape Charge of Student Near Memorial Park

Singapore is generally known as a safe country in the region. Despite this, the kinds of crimes have shown a shift from the typical cases of misdemeanours to online swindling and scams. ALSO READ: Couple Arrested over Illegal Moneylending Charges in Singapore This trend can also be seen in most parts of the world. And [...]

Couple Arrested over Illegal Moneylending Charges in S’pore

With the recent clamour regarding loan sharks, which in reality, has always been part of Singapore culture, but has only become problematic when reports of threats and harassment to employers have come to the attention of the media as of late. ALSO READ: Loan Sharks Harass Couple Over Domestic Worker’s Debt In line with this, [...]

SBS Transit Buses Promote Rooftop Garden as Part of Green Initiative

Singapore is known as a tech- and ecological hub in the region because of its initiatives that promote modern green living, from infrastructures to app technologies for citizens. ALSO READ: SBS Transit Buses to Offer Free Wi-Fi from February 2019 With this, the direction is quite clear, and now, the government in partnership with industry [...]

Employment Agency in SG that Advertised Maids on Carousell Fined, Has License Revoked

With the practice on retail and marketing going online nowadays, even employment agencies have caught on the trend and have even considered posting domestic workers as ‘commodities’ for profit. ALSO READ: Migrant Workers to Get Discounts on Insurance and Remittances And while this may appear convenient for those looking to hire maids, the said act [...]

New Law Sanctions Tougher Punishments for Crimes Against Vulnerable People

In the battle against abuse and exploitation of the vulnerable sector of society, the government has come up with new laws that would offer protection and serve the best interest of people categorized under this ‘vulnerable’ sector, which include young children, domestic helpers, and the disabled, among others. ALSO READ: Here’s a Look at Some [...]

New Weekend Pop-Up Event in Orchard Road Draws Large Crowd on Opening Night

If you have been to Singapore, you would know that the city’s night scene is something to experience for its colourful events, lively streets, and the people’s passion for fun and celebration. ALSO READ: Orchard Road: From Retail to a Lifestyle Destination And as the country’s most iconic street, the Orchard Road, transitions to becoming [...]

Indonesian Maid Flees Singapore, Leaves Debt from Loan Shark to Employers

In Singapore, incidences of harassment cases by loan sharks have significantly gone up in recent years. Most of these involve domestic workers who loaned out amounts that they cannot settle within the given payment time frame by their creditors. ALSO READ: Loan Sharks Harass Couple Over Domestic Worker’s Debt In such cases, since the law [...]

Paralegal Sent to Jail for Causing ‘Grievous Hurt’ to Maid

Cases of abuse and maltreatment have always been a problem in countries that have a need for domestic workers. Ironic as it may seem, people from these countries depend on domestic workers in order for them to have more time to spend at work and to focus on their careers, and yet these people are [...]