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Gov’t to Reduce Number of Foreign Workers in Services Sector to 35% by 2021

Working in Singapore has not only given many expats from all over the world  an opportunity to land good jobs and build a career overseas, but also establish a “home” for many years for some. And because economic tides continually shift every so often, the government has to make certain decisions that would support the [...]

Foreign Talents on S-Pass at Risk for Losing Jobs in SG

With the government’s announcement to reduce the foreign quota in the service sector, many foreign workers in the country have expressed fear of losing their jobs for which they have served for many years during their stay here in Singapore. And while the said move looks to equalize the opportunities presented to citizens, this will [...]

Here’s What You Need to Know about the EZ-Link Card in Singapore

When planning your travel to another country, you need to take into consideration all kinds of expenses that you will need to cover during your entire stay overseas. And if you’re more of an explorer, transportation fees are something that you really need to prepare for. ALSO READ: Singapore Do’s and Don’ts Of course walking [...]

6,000 Cartons of Contraband Cigarettes Found Inside Game Machines Inside Warehouse

With the government’s thrusts focused on upholding public safety and immigration control, agencies such as the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) are working hard at tracking illegal transactions and entry of not only individuals but also contraband items that could potentially pose a threat to the law and order in the Republic. As smuggling can [...]

Maid Charged of Stealing S$1,000 Notes Sentenced to 8 Weeks in Jail

Employing domestic workers in most countries such as Singapore maintains live-in arrangements for these workers because of contract terms and requirements. However, this set-up also has disadvantages as it has benefits to both the worker and the employer. And while we understand that any kind of work requires a certain amount of trust from both [...]

New Changi T3 Basement Facilities to Check Out

It’s no secret that Singapore has established itself as one of the world’s busiest global hubs for business, leisure, and other emerging sectors such as fintech and ecotourism, among others. And in line with this achievement, travel facilities are constantly being improved in the Republic, as the government expects to draw in more guests and [...]

Jewel Changi to House First Pokémon Centre Outside Japan

There’s much buzz and excitement with the expected opening of Singapore’s latest modern facility in aviation and transportation services in Jewel Changi this April. Other than world-class retail outlets soon to open at the famed airport, there will also be familiar faces greeting visitors outside of their home country, Japan, for the first time – [...]

Super Junior to Headline HallyuPopFest in Singapore this May

Whether it’s a major sporting event, a world tour concert, a retail expo, and the like, Singapore is one of those places where you can find many if not most of these events being held year in and year out. ALSO READ: Top 10 Tourist Spots in Singapore That being said, the trending phenomenon from [...]

Singapore Service Sector to Cut Down on Foreign Talents Until 2021

Many people aspire to come to Singapore for work because of the allure of higher pay and a promising career. And while this may bode true for some people in certain professions, it may not be at all the case for everyone who wishes to find work here in Singapore. As there has been a [...]

Filipina who Forged Receipts to Redeem Shopping Mall Rewards worth S$1,400 Fined

As of late cases of forgery have gone on the news, exposing various areas in which the government can impose stricter monitoring and measures to address this type of issues from arising in the future. And while these methods vary in nature, the intent to take advantage of others is similar in such cases. As [...]

Gov’t to Offer Shorter Diploma, Better Support for Nurses

A steadily growing elderly population is a trend observed not only in Asian countries such as in Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong, but all over the world. And in acknowledgment of this issue, many governments have set legislations to better support this vulnerable population as well as those who provide direct and immediate care for [...]