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Orchard Road: From Retail to a Lifestyle Destination

Many of us have come to know of the Orchard Road in Singapore as a retail destination not only for locals but also for travellers from all corners of the globe. Orchard Road has become an iconic location in the country, what with the lively activities and retail offerings which make the place one of [...]

Radicalised Domestic Helper Reported by Employer to Authorities

No matter what a person’s position in society is, they have the right to think the way they do. And this is something that is not covered by a contract or one’s duties at work. However, despite being a personal thing, there are limits as to what a person can express or expect other people [...]

More than 1,000 GP Clinics to Remain Open through CNY Season

We all know how Asians can get festive during the holidays, and Singapore is no exception, especially that a large population of people here have Chinese descent. This, and the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations are sure to bring lots of families and friends together over festive dinners, one after another. That being said, we [...]

Drivers of Foreign Vehicles with Outstanding Fines May be Denied Entry to Singapore

Driving in Singapore is widely monitored, and you don’t just get fined and simply get away with it. Not if the Traffic Police (TP) can help it. From violations such as drink- driving to other less common violations at the company level, getting a license to drive here in Singapore also strictly means adhering to [...]

Surgeon who Refused to Issue Sick Leave Faces Prosecution

As a worker, we are all entitled to rights and benefits that are secured and observed by the State, no matter where we are in the world. Failure by authorities or by employers to recognize this will put them liable to the law. And while the specifics may vary from one place to another, the [...]

Singapore Remains at Top Spot of Most Liveable Cities for Asian Expats

Living away from home is something that we couldn’t ask everyone to do, but those who do look for places that are closest to what they consider home, even better. Other than for work, migrant workers choose to set up their lives in a different country where they can find job security, convenience and accessibility [...]

HIV Data of 14,200 Patients Leaked Online

Singapore prides itself as a country with advanced technology and information security despite attempts made by the outside forces to infiltrate government database as with the case of SingHealth last year, to gain information on the health status of a high-ranking official based on his logs and health records during consultations and check–ups. Medical records, [...]

Pilot Programme to Gauge Maids’ Household Skills Launched

Foreign domestic helpers are expected to do a lot of things and to cover so much ground around the house – to the point that even when there are no adults left to manage the house, the domestic worker can readily step in and take charge – oftentimes with the kids and elderly people in [...]

Migrant Worker Jailed for Causing Hurt to Elderly Employer

Recently the government has expressed intention of improving the work conditions of caregivers of elderly people in the country through extending financial support to this group of workers whether locally-acquired or from overseas. Singapore’s population is expected to become predominantly grey by 2030 as forecasted by the Ministry of Health. And so, the welfare of [...]

LTA to Restructure Rules for Taxis, Private Hire Vehicles

With the abundance of taxis and private-hire vehicles here in Singapore, the government is now looking at ways on how regulate the industry based on the services it provides. With laws being strictly enforced to ensure road safety, the government wants to make clear  that all stakeholders are complying with the regulations set by the [...]

Woman Charged for Harassing Maid and Forcing her to Perform Self-Harm

Various forms of domestic worker abuse can take place on a daily basis, but if it’s something that persists for months, justice cannot be silenced. This is exactly the reason why migrant workers, including Filipino domestic helpers must know their basic rights under the Singapore law so as to protect themselves from various forms of [...]