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Singapore has always been known as a place where discipline is strictly enforced. However, as one can imagine, even a country as disciplined as Singapore has its own set of problems to deal with — such as road and traffic violations. In light of this, the government is looking for ways to manage these violations [...]

Driving in Singapore is among the privileges not all residents get to enjoy due to the tight qualifications set by the government for the issuance of a driving license in the state. Meanwhile, those who do qualify will have to undergo a series of tests and requirements provided by authorized driving schools in the country, [...]

Singapore is known for a number of great causes as well as community-based island-wide events, and if you’ve been here, you’d know that people do really come out to support such great causes. And why not? These people get to enjoy doing the things they love and at the same time, other members of the [...]

In the region, Singapore is known to be a place for travel, business, and entertainment activities. But to the rest of the world, Singapore is considered home by many expats because of its strong economic performance, excellent living conditions, as well as progressive governance. However, as the race to being crowned as the best place [...]

Travellers visiting to and from Singapore’s newest airport, the Jewel Changi, have plenty of wonderful things to look forward to starting this month. Aside from the top-of-the-line services and retail offerings hosted in one of the most modern and outstanding travel hubs in the region, it may be worth the while for fans of Japanese [...]

Being employed, as some would imagine, does not entirely sum up one’s professional goals as a person. We may have work, but it could be more of a developed routine or a habit, which no longer challenges or poses new opportunities for us to think beyond the confines of what we already know. It is [...]

Working overseas is not a walk in the park. Despite the beautiful smiles sent back home through Facebook updates or posts shared on social media, the anxiety and stress of living far away from home is a reality that every migrant worker must deal with all for the sake of providing for their families. It [...]

Singapore prides itself as a city which is home to a number of great shopping spots, malls, and event venues, where locals and tourists visit all-year round. There are plenty of great tourist attractions where guests of all ages can enjoy, especially over the holiday period. This, however, does not keep the city-state from continuously [...]

Singapore is known to the rest of the world for a number of things. Aside from having one of the world’s strongest economies, Singapore has also consistently ranked high in terms of students’ test performances all over the world. That being said, there have been inquiries as to how meaningful this type of ‘learning’ has [...]

Singapore has been known to offer high-quality services in the field of aviation, technology, and business financing. This is one of the many reasons why the country has become popular not only among tourists, but also expats who are looking find a new place to work and live in. However, as the standards in services, [...]

With heightened security measures set in place to address potential threats to safety in Singapore, public and private entities have since become keen in dealing with any unprecedented incidents that may pose any risk of this nature. And where else would security be considered tightest than in public areas such as airports, where foot traffic [...]