12 Best Emergency Locksmiths in Singapore

Have you ever accidentally locked yourself out of your own house? Or perhaps you’ve lost your car keys and now you can’t open it? These experiences can be quite scary, indeed! Fortunately, you can always call a locksmith to help you in these emergency situations!

In Singapore, there are actually many locksmiths offering different kinds of services. But which one should you call? In this article, we have gathered a list of the best and the most trusted locksmiths, right here in Singapore!

Emergency Locksmiths in Singapore

Top Emergency Locksmiths in Singapore

Need help with your locks but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry, because here is a list of the top emergency locksmiths in Singapore. For each company, we have included a brief description of their various services, along with their contact details, and location map (if available):

1. AA Urgent Locksmith

AA Urgent Locksmith is a company that provides top-notch locksmith services for residential, commercial, and automotive purposes. It has many years of experience in the locksmith industry.

The company offers unlocking services for: automobile doors, home doors, safes, and mailboxes, too. Their expert locksmiths can help repair jammed locks, broken locks, and those that need minor adjustments.

AA Urgent Locksmith also provides lock replacement and installation. If you need to change door locks or get an automotive key replacement, they can certainly help you out!

In addition, the company offers door repairs and adjustments for misaligned doors. They know what to do when it comes to fixing hinges and handles, as well as trimming or closing door gaps.

Address: Blk 113 Tampines Street 86, #10-39, Singapore 528536
Telephone: +65 6797 9694
Website: https://www.cheaplocksmithsingapore.com/

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2. Best Locksmith Singapore

Best Locksmith Singapore is a company that offers full professional locksmith services. They have a dedicated team that’s ever ready to solve your problem — 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

The company provides lock repair and replacement services throughout Singapore, including residential and commercial areas. Moreover, it offers door repairs and replacement of folding doors, sliding doors, glass doors, and much, much more.

Best Locksmith Singapore’s wide range of services and products include: access controlled systems, digital access and monitoring systems, garage door locks and installations, high security locks, push bars, key extraction, new house re-key and lock repairs, and transponder keys.

Telephone: +65 3105 1243
Email: info@bestlocksmithsingapore.com
Website: https://www.bestlocksmithsingapore.com/

3. Botak Locksmiths

Botak Locksmiths has been operating for more than 25 years, providing professional locksmith services 24/7! It offers complete residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services.

The company’s services include: digital door lock installation, glass door lock installation, sliding door repair, and window lock repair for houses, shops, offices, motorcycles, and cars, too.

What’s more, Botak Locksmiths has 5 branches in Singapore, so you can rest assured that they can easily reach you whenever you need their services!

Address: 976 Hougang Street 91, Singapore 530976
Telephone: +65 6851 6616
Website: https://botaklocksmiths.com/

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4. De Master Locksmith

De Master Locksmith is a professional locksmith offering reliable services 24/7 to residential, business, and commercial clients in Singapore. His services include: unlocking, lock replacement, and many more. Past clients have commended him for being friendly, responsible, reassuring, and patient in dealing with different types of “locked” situations.

Address: 168 Punggol Field, B1-00 Beside KFC, Singapore 820168
Telephone: +65 9039 0808
Website: https://de-master-locksmith.business.site/

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5. First Locks

First Locks is a company that offers unlocking, lock repair, lock replacement, and lock maintenance services for residential and commercial clients. They can work with all types of locks, plus they can provide installation services, too.

The company specializes in installing gate locks, main door locks, room door locks, window locks, and more. It also sells different types of locks: Abloy, Union, Yale, and Mul-T-locks, among others. Also available are the latest models of digital smart locks.

First Locks is always ready to serve you any hour of the day — any day of the week — working round the clock to address your emergency locksmith concerns!

Address: 1 Brooke Road, Katong Plaza, Singapore 429979
Telephone: +65 8199 9409
Website: https://firstlocks.com.sg/

6. Little Locksmith

There’s really nothing “little” about this company. Little Locksmith is comprised of a team of professional, trained, and experienced locksmiths in Singapore. It specializes in residential, commercial, and car locksmith services

The company provides a wide range of locksmith services, such as installation, repair, and lock replacement — including different types of locks, safes, and key card entry systems.

Little Locksmith is open daily, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Address: 1090 Lower Delta Road #03-07C Singapore 169201
Telephone: +65 6232 6602
Email: enquiry@littlelocksmith.com
Website: https://littlelocksmith.com/

7. Locksmith in SG

Since 1998, Locksmith in SG has been offering high quality and affordable locksmith services. Its clients include residential and commercial clients, as well as real estate agents and customers from the private and public sectors.

The company’s team of professional locksmiths are able to unlock, repair, or replace glass door locks, letter boxes, metal gate locks, roller shutters, wooden locks, and more. Moreover, it can supply different types of locks, such as key safes, main door lock, pad locks, roller door locks, window locks, and others.

Locksmith in SG’s services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Aside from unlocking and repair services, they can also install new locks and master key systems for residences, buildings, and offices.

Address: 18B Circuit Rd, Singapore 372018
Telephone: +65 9168 7070
Website: https://locksmithinsg.com/

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8. Locksmith Singapore

Another company that offers round-the-clock services in the country is Locksmith Singapore. It’s reliable team of professional, licensed, and skilled locksmiths are ever ready to serve all residences as well as businesses — providing emergency, commercial, and automotive locksmith services.

Locksmith Singapore’s services include door lock repair, lock replacement, hinge replacement, and many more. You can get in touch with them through the following contact details; they’ll be quick to return your call and help you out!

Address: Singapore
Telephone: +65 6854 4955
Email: support@locksmithsingapore.sg
Website: https://www.locksmithsingapore.sg/

9. Locksmith Singapore 24/7 DC

As the name says, this company is able to provide locksmith services anywhere in Singapore… anytime of the day, or the entire week, for that matter!

Locksmith Singapore 24/7 DC is comprised of a team of professional locksmiths, capable of providing high quality services at affordable prices. Their services include: unlocking of home doors, car doors, and building/office doors; as well as installation of locks (both traditional and modern locks) in homes or offices.

What’s more, the company offers key duplication services. They can make multiple duplicates of your house keys or car keys, so that you and your family can easily use them anytime!

Address: 8 Burn Road, #15-13 (Trivex), 369977 Singapore
Telephone: +65 8244 5794
Email: hello@247dclocksmith.com
Website: https://www.247dclocksmith.com/

10. Pro-Smith and Locks Services

Established in 2013, Pro-Smith and Locks Services has been providing high quality locksmith services for 10 years now. Its clients include residential as well as commercial customers.

Pro-Smith and Locks Services offers unlocking, repair, or replacement of main door locks, bedroom door locks, glass door locks, car locks, letter box locks, and many more. In other words, it is a “one-stop” shop for all your lock and safety needs!

Notably, the company is able to send a professional locksmith to your location within just half an hour. All you have to do it give them a call, and they will respond, right away!

Address: 656a Jurong West Street 61, Singapore 641656
Telephone: +65 8686 1100
Email: Myprosmith@gmail.com
Website: https://www.locksmithsingaporeservices.com/

Google Map:

11. 24/7 Locksmith Singapore

Worried about getting locked out of (or locked in) your home, car, shop, or office? Never fear, 24/7 Locksmith Singapore is here… ready to get you out of your lock emergency!

Aside from unlocking services, the company also provides: key duplication, sliding door repair, window lock repair, and other services. They also sell and install digital door locks, door knobs, and glass doors, among others.

Notably, 24/7 Locksmith Singapore uses only the most trusted brands, such as Kwkst, Viro, and Yale. When it comes to digital locks, it uses reputable brands like Gateman, Samsung, Schlage, and Yale digital locks. After all, these are the brands that guarantee safety and quality; poorly designed locks are the ones that usually cause locking incidents!

Address: Block 801, #01-31 French Road, Singapore 200801
Telephone: +65 8243 2440
Email: ask@wordpress-576265-1873200.cloudwaysapps.com
Website: https://247locksmithsingapore.com/

12. Vincent Locksmith

Vincent Locksmith is another leading locksmith services company in Singapore. It offers unlocking, lock changing, lock replacement, and lock maintenance, among other services.

In addition to unlocking, repair, and replacement of door locks, Vincent Locksmith’s services also cover mailbox locks, gate locks, window locks, and glass door locks, too. In order to help serve you better, they strongly advise that you attach pictures of your locks when you send them a message.

Vincent Locksmith’s services are available every weekday, from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. They are also open every Saturday, from 10:00 am up to 5:00 pm.

Address: Blk 109, McNair Road, Singapore 320109
Telephone: +65 8812 7499
Email: ask@vincentlocksmith.com
Website: https://www.vincentlocksmith.com/

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Final Thoughts

You never know when you might need help with a “locked in” (or locked out) situation — be it in your house, car, or even in the workplace. Fortunately, the above locksmith services are always available… wherever, and whenever!

We hope that the above list has been helpful; just be sure to have a copy of the above names and contact numbers in case of an emergency. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a leaky faucet, a burst pipe, or other “water” problems… then check out this list of the best emergency plumbers in Singapore!