Singapore Emergency Hotlines

In case of emergency, you need to call the proper authorities and departments. We have listed important Singapore hotlines so that you can ask for help immediately. Please be guided on how to use these telephone numbers according to their purpose.

You never know where or when an emergency can happen – it could happen to you, your loved ones or the people around you that’s why it is extremely important to be prepared and equipped with information on who to call in case of an emergency. This is very critical because every second counts in an emergency situation. A phone call could spell the difference between life and death.

singapore emergency numbers

Important Singapore Telephone Numbers in Case of Emergency

Below is a list of telephone numbers for your reference. Please have them ready with you at all times. Put it on a post-it note/notebook beside your phone or add them in your phone book.

EMS, Ambulance and Fire Rescue                        Tel. 995

Emergency Police                                                      Tel.999

Non-Emergency Ambulance (Private)                  Tel. 1777

Non-Emergency Police Hotline                             Tel. 1 800 255 0000

Traffic Police                                                               Tel. 6547 0000

Be advised that you should not misuse these telephone numbers. You may warrant a penalty if you misuse them.

Dial 995 for Fire and Medical Emergency Only

Any illness or injury that could lead to death or serious complication if not given immediate medical attention is considered a medical emergency. Through the efforts of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) under the Ministry of Affairs, citizens and the public are made aware of important hotlines that will provide timely response and help to various emergency situations.

The SCDF provides round-the-clock  emergency medical service (EMS) as well as emergency fire response and rescue  whichever part of Singapore a call may come from. Emergency medical doctors and personnel are always on standby and quick to respond on ambulance to life-threatening medical situations. For this type of emergency situations, dial 995 and an EMS ambulance will be sent for and transport the patient to the nearest public hospital.

It must be clear, however, that calling 995 should only be for emergency situations. For non-emergency cases which require the service of a private ambulance, dial 1777. Dialing 995 for a non-emergency situation may be fined under Singapore law.

Dial 999 for Emergency Police Assistance Only

Most of the time citizens contact the police during emergencies, especially when there’s a road accident or instances of crime and hostility. In such cases, the police assure to answer 999 calls within 10 seconds and respond to serious situations within 15 minutes. When seeking emergency assistance from the police, citizens are urged to provide necessary details regarding the emergency situation such as

  1. A clear account and type of emergency being reported
  2. The caller’s name, contact details and the exact location of the emergency.

It is also important to remember to stay on the line while the police are gathering useful information on the emergency. If you’re using an international phone with a roaming provider, dial 112 or 911 and your call will be directed to the 999 emergency hotline. When calling for police assistance for non-emergency cases, citizens can dial the police hotline 1800 255 0000 or contact the Neighbourhood Police Center.

For concerns regarding serious crimes such as murder, robberies with firearms involved, illegal gambling, counterfeit money activities, illegal gambling, money laundering schemes and activities of secret societies, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) takes on these cases and proceeds with investigation.

The Police Coast Guard deals with matters related to territorial and maritime affairs and safeguarding the coastline.


It is of great importance to keep note of useful telephone numbers in order to deal with emergencies properly. Remember, a single call can save someone’s life so it is wise to have these numbers handy on your mobile phone or as a note at home.