Filipina who Forged Receipts to Redeem Shopping Mall Rewards worth S$1,400 Fined

As of late cases of forgery have gone on the news, exposing various areas in which the government can impose stricter monitoring and measures to address this type of issues from arising in the future.

And while these methods vary in nature, the intent to take advantage of others is similar in such cases. As citizens, it is our duty to report any kind of wrongdoings to authorities in order to limit the damage these criminals cause our society.

Filipina who Forged Receipts to Redeem Shopping Mall Rewards worth S$1,400 Fined

Forged Receipts worth S$1,800 Lands Pinay a Fine Worth S$8,000 in Singapore

A Filipina customer service officer working for a hair treatment company who forged company receipts to redeem rewards from a shopping mall worth S$1,405 was fined a total of S$8,000 after pleading guilty to two charges of forgery, as shared in a report by Yahoo! News Singapore.

The 25-year old Filipina identified as Mance Eronamae Ardina worked for PHS Hairscience. In November of last year, a manager from the company spotted Ardina queuing at the Parkway Parade concierge counter submitting company-issued receipts to claim membership rewards from a shopping mall in Singapore.

Following the incident, the HR department at PHS Hairscience conducted investigations and confronted Ardina, who admitted guilty to the allegations.

Based on the investigation launched, between 26 November and 11 December, Ardina claimed S$1,405 worth of rewards from Parkway Parade, which included vouchers ffor ride-hailing app Grab, 12 pieces of S$100 Parkway Parade Christmas shopping vouchers and Lendlease e-vouchers.

Ardina has already settled payment for the amount she cheated in full. The maximum penalty for forgery in Singapore is up to four years imprisonment on top of a fine for each account.

And while Ardina has owned up to her attempt of cheating in this case, it’s very important that we exercise self-control and good judgment when making decisions that could put us in grave situations and be put in bad standing with the law, especially when overseas.