Advisory to Filipinos Travelling to Singapore: Secure Proper Immigration Stamps

Filipinos travelling to Singapore should make sure that their visa stamps on their passports are legit and should only be stamped by proper authorities (Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority). Beware of agents offering to stamp your passport just so you can get into SG.

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore has posted an advisory on their official Facebook Page to make sure that Pinoys who are entering the country for leisure purpose should get the visa stamps authorized by the immigration checkpoints in SG.

When Pinoys enter SG, we usually get a 30-day stamp wherein we can spend up to 30 days in the country. Sometimes, those who are on this 30-day stamp apply for an extension or try to go on a visa-run (travelling to other countries and then back to Singapore). Those who are doing this should make sure that the stamps are authentic.

Do not go to agents or people who will facilitate the extension for you. Based on the announcement, a Filipino national had an agent allegedly process the visa stamp and it turned out to be fake. An investigation was conducted by Singapore authorities because of this.

So please make sure that you do not go to unofficial/unauthorized persons to stamp your visa. It should be done by the SG immigration.

Here’s the rest of the Advisory Below: