Gov’t Waives Foreign Worker Taxes Until September for S Pass, Work Permit Holders

The Ministry of Manpower on April 1 announced that foreign worker levies will be waived for all S Pass and work permit holders, including maids, during their stay-home notice periods from January to September.

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The decision aims to help employers manage the increased costs associated with the Government’s updated measures to reduce the risk of importing COVID-19 into the community

Gov’t Waives Foreign Worker Taxes until September for S Pass and Work Permit Holders, Including Maids, During Stay-Home Notice

Foreign Worker Taxes Waived Until September for S Pass and Work Permit Holders

The MOM reported that since January, the Government has put in place additional border measures including limiting entry approvals for work pass holders and requiring newly arrived S Pass and work permit holders to undergo on-arrival COVID-19 testing and serve stay-home notices, Channel News Asia reported.

The ministry also revealed: “While employers have cooperated with these measures in the interest of public health, some have given feedback that these additional measures have also translated to increased costs.”

Meanwhile, for employers who have already paid the taxes for their workers during their stay-home notices in January and February, the waivers will be used to offset the foreign worker levy for June, which is payable in July.

Moreover, employers with workers serving stay-home notices from March to September will not be required to pay levies for the duration of the notices.

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