6 Places to take the Kids out for Brunch in Singapore

If you’re thinking about taking the kids out to a great place for brunch (or lunch), here is our top list of diners that will surely tickle your tot’s taste buds.

6 Kid-Friendly Diners in Singapore

  1. Prive CHIJMES

Take the whole family for a relaxing brunch at Prive CHIJMES where there’s plenty of green space for the kids to run around, play soccer, Frisbee, and other games using equipment they can borrow at the venue. The adults can enjoy their own space and a hearty share of burgers ($17 – $25), pizza ($17 -$20), all-day breakfast meals ($13-$21), or Asian-inspired cuisines ($16-$26). The young ones also get to enjoy a two-course set menu priced at $10 each where they can choose from cheeseburgers, fish and chips or linguine. The kids’ meal also comes with an ice cream sundae or a piece of brownie for dessert.

Photo taken from The Chop House’s Facebook Page
  1. The Chop House

When you’re around VivoCity before lunchtime, you have got to drop by at the Chop House which is located at the corner of the shopping mall overlooking the waters of Sentosa from a distance. Find yourself a nice spot with a great view and ease your belts a little for some great brunch deals.

You can’t go wrong with their burgers which come in pretty hefty servings for $29. There’s also pasta for your carb cravings priced a little below $25.  Don’t be shy and get your large fill of their premium grilled dishes (already good for two) such as the Smoked BBQ U.S Baby Back Ribs priced at $48. Their dessert selections such as the banana split and warm chocolate brownies topped with vanilla ice cream which are priced at less than $10 each, are also worth the try as the portions are quite generous and can be shared among the brood. Aside from their sumptuous menu, the overlooking scenery of the beaches of Sentosa makes for a wonderful experience for the kids and even the adults.

By Mtaylor848 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
  1. Pizza Express

Pizza lovers have more to look forward to than just good pizza at the Pizza Express. If you want to throw a pizza party for your kid, then this is just the perfect joint! With their two-hour-long pizza party deal, kids can put their creative hats on and prepare their own pizza creations with their own choice of ingredients and then gobble them up afterwards.

Photo taken from Jamie’s Italian Singapore’s Facebook Page
  1. Jamie’s Italian

Family-friendly dining pretty much spells it for Jamie’s. Book a table for lunch from 11:30 am onwards, and check out their two-course lunch deals priced at $24.90.


At Jamie’s, the entire family will enjoy quality and healthy Italian food, especially the young ones. All of the kids’ meals come with a salad tossed with yoghurt dressing, and a drink such as milk or fresh fruit juices. The kids’ meal comes in two sizes – little kids ($9.50) and big kids ($13.50). The adults can also choose from a great Italian a la carte menu which includes their Ultimate Garlic Bread ($13.50), Seared Tuna Steak with smashed avocado ($33), tomatoes, and fresh basil and The Jamie’s Italian Burger ($34.50). What makes the place fun for the kids and the adults, is their laid-back al fresco dining experience, a retro red viewfinder menu that comes with colour pencils to sign their food orders as well as small freebies like badges for kids that read: “Ate all my veggies at Jamie’s!” to get the kids motivated in keeping to their healthy diet.


  1. Huber’s Bistro

Huber’s Bistro is a great place to unwind and relax with the family over a hearty lunch outdoors at any day of the week. With their spacious and enclosed playgrounds, the kids can bust a sweat and build up an appetite as they play actively under the sun whereas adults can leisurely chat over a refreshing glass of wine and choose from their wide-range of food menu such as sausages, charcuterie and other meat choices including beef burgers topped with bacon and gruyere cheese priced at $15.50, and prime Australian lamb chops priced at $24. Most of their dishes come in smaller, filling portions for the kids, too. There are plenty of food choices ranging from hearty consommés and fresh salads to weekend all-day breakfast meals and sweet desserts. There’s also a handful of cider, beer, cocktails and wine collections to choose from. Lunching outdoors on either a weekday or a weekend has never been this gratifying.

Photo taken from Super Social BBQ at Timbre’s Facebook Page
  1. Super Social BBQ

Family weekends are supposed to be special. What better way to spend family time than having your midday spread at Timbre’s. The Super Social BBQ happens every weekend starting 4 pm until late. There are a lot of kid-friendly activities and attractions such as crazy fun bubble blowers, two exciting bouncy castles, and face painting booths so the kids can pretty much hang around and have fun while adults get to enjoy live performances by Timbre’s resident artists, Unified and Afwan and Gabriell as they take the stage on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively.

Now packed with a more extensive kid-friendly menu ranging from tasty Beef Meatball Pancake Sandwiches, sumptuous pasta Bolognese, and grilled ham and cheese toasties to mouth-watering Octopus Cheese Sausages, the kids are sure to get a hearty fill for the day at the Super Social BBQ.  Adults can pick their hefty share of thin-crust pizzas, tapas, and other grilled dishes for $16 – $36. No great BBQ dine-out ends without a cold serving of beers and party cocktails. The Super Social BBQ at Timbre’s is a great way to cap off the week with your entire family.


With the many quality family restaurants out there, there are plenty of ways to enjoy family eat-outs, especially here in Singapore. Just set the time and date for everyone to get on board and you’re all set!