Mobile App Allows Patients to Set Healthcare Appointments with Doctors

Last Oct 25, a new mobile health app, MaNaDr was  officially launched at the Singapore Press Holding’s News Centre Auditorium by healthcare firm, Mobile Health, to allow patients to set timely appointments with qualified doctors for 24/7 tele-consults regarding health needs and important medical inquiries.

The app operates within an extensive health network and allows patients here and in Australia access to 500 health clinics and to over 600 licensed general practitioners (GPs), dentists, and specialists.

Photo by NEC Corporation of America CC BY 2.0

The new MaNaDr App provides cheaper booking appointments and convenient tele-consultations for patients

The app taps into new technologies and systems in telemedicine which highlights a more economical approach in booking appointments, and slightly lower charges for tele-consultations with partner doctors as opposed to regular day consultations in clinics.

Dr. Siaw Tung Yeng, founder and CEO of Mobile Health, shared that he together with his team of medical doctors operated on their vision of creating a mobile app that would enable patients to assume responsibility of their own healthcare throughout life. Aside from the economic value for patients, the MaNaDr app also enables doctors to have an extra source of revenue through tele-consults without having to pay fees to put their services on the mobile platform.

Since the app’s ‘soft-launching’ in January, nearly around 100,000 tele-consults been successfully delivered. The MaNaDr app can be downloaded for free both via Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

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