How to Request for an OEC for Home Leave of Household Workers in Singapore

Requesting for the OEC of an HSW for reasons such as Home Leave is typically processed by eligible and qualified employers and is to be filed at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore.

For HSWs who have continuously worked under the same employer for at least two (2) years and are planning to go on a leave or vacation at home, you may request for your OEC through your employer, but for those who have worked for less than two years under one employer, processing of OEC will be made through an accredited Singapore employment agency.

How to Request for OEC of Household Service Workers (HSWs) on Home Leave in Singapore


  • Original and two (2) copies of Standard Employment Contract (all pages should be signed by both the employer and employee)
  • Original and two (2) copies of Undertaking of an Employer
  • Two (2) copies of your work permit
  • Two (2) copies of your valid passport
  • A copy of your employer’s IC
  • A copy of your $10,000 medical insurance (as authorized by the Ministry of Manpower)
  • The original copy of your performance bond worth SGD 7,000 issued by an authorized insurance company.


  1. Book an appointment for the processing of your OEC in Singapore here.

Note: The Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) has discontinued accepting walk-in applications for the OEC. Please be guided accordingly.

  1. Once you have successfully booked an appointment, visit the Philippine Embassy in Singapore at the appointed time and scheduled date along with the above mentioned requirements. The Philippine Embassy can be located at:


Philippine Embassy in Singapore

20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395

Open from Mon-Fri, 9:00 am- 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 3:00 pm


  1. Proceed to either Windows 3 or 4 (depending on the instructions given for your appointment) of the Philippine Embassy where you can file your OEC application.


Note: Average processing time would be around 20-30 minutes depending on the completeness of your documents, and the time of the year.


  1. Pay the fees for Home Leave – S$104.50 (total)
  • Authentication of Contract: S$42.50
  • Verification of Document: S$17.00
  • OWWA fees: S$42.00
  • OEC fee: S$3.00
  1. Wait for further instructions on where to collect your OEC for your home leave.

The use of the new online booking system should make your OEC application much easier and faster. Also, make sure to set an appointment first before you proceed with the submission of your application requirements whether you’re in the Philippines or here in Singapore as the POLO no longer accepts walk-in applications at the Philippine Embassy.