What is the Monthly Salary of a Filipino Housemaid in Singapore?

Filipinos can find plenty of job opportunities abroad as foreign domestic helpers (FDH). Most of them look for work in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and then in other places such as the Middle East. But if you’re like most Filipinos who want to work in nearby Asian countries, then you can most definitely try Singapore.

Singapore employers prefer Filipino foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) because they are quite proficient with the English language and are generally hardworking. So, if you are interested in applying for work as a domestic helper here in Singapore, there are certain things that you need to take note of first. One of which is the average salary of domestic helpers in the country.

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What is the Monthly Salary of a Filipino Housemaid in Singapore?

OFW TALK: This Is How Much a Filipino Domestic Helper Earns in Singapore

Singapore’s laws do not specify a minimum wage for foreign domestic workers (FDWs), but the country from which they come may impose one.

In addition to the basic salary, Singapore law requires the Employer to provide one rest day per week to the domestic helper, or compensation-in-lieu for rest days not taken. Employers must provide public holidays because FDWs are not entitled to them under the MOM rules.

As of March 2020, the average salary of domestic helpers in Singapore is between S$438 and S$709 per month.

A memorandum posted by the Philippine Embassy in Singapore as of January 2016 said: “Under existing regulations, HSWs are entitled to US$ 400.00 or its equivalent in the local foreign currency of the destination country. From time to time, market forces will compel the POLO-SG that new contracts for HSWs indicate an accurate reflection of the real value of US$ 400.00 in the destination country to ensure compliance with Philippine government regulations.”

In line with this, the Philippine Embassy has set a minimum wage of S$570 (PHP 20,550) for a Filipino maid. According to new findings from a survey of 1,000 maids, the average monthly salary for a new Filipino maid is S$592 (PHP 21,343), and S$638 (PHP 23,002) for a returning maid with experience in Singapore. Filipino is the best choice for a family looking for a maid who speaks good English. According to Wheng, this is exactly why employers in Singapore prefer hiring Filipinos – because they can be relied upon to do housework, serve as a nanny or a tutor to the kids, and even as caregivers to the elderly. They offer so much help in the house.

Because of these traits, Filipinos are the highest paid domestic helpers compared to Indonesians, Sri Lankans, and Burmese.

Wheng also shared that with experience, a domestic helper can request to get a pay that’s higher than the average. In her case, she was even able to choose who to work for because several employers expressed their intent to hire her.

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Singapore can be a great place to work as a domestic helper if you are hardworking and can communicate in English fairly well. Moreover, authorities such as the police and the Ministry of Manpower look after the rights of their residents, including FDHs quite seriously.

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