Singapore Islands: Where to Go for Your Next Sunny Destination

While the weather in Singapore is mostly bright and sunny, the considered summertime in the country, which occurs around the second quarter of the year, is an exciting time to spend your perfect vacation getaway.

And while not many of us have the luxury of time to travel far and out of the country, there are excellent summer destinations you can visit right here in the Singapore. Let’s check them out:

Islands to Visit in Singapore for Your Summer Getaway

By Thaejas – Own work, CC BY 3.0

Kusu Island

Located in the southern part of Singapore, Kusu Island, also known as “Tortoise Island”, is one of the best locations to explore beaches and lagoons, old temples and shrines; go on a picnic on the sand; and to play with tortoises at the tortoise sanctuary on the island.

Image Credit: celebrityabc (Flickr)

Pulau Ubin

One of the more popular islands to visit here all year-round is Pulau Ubin, which is located on the edge of the north-eastern coasts of Singapore. Pulau Ubin is best known as the home to the last kampungs (Malaysian settlements) as well as the idyllic Chek Jawa Wetlands in Singapore. If you’re up for some great sightseeing and daytrip adventures, then take a 10-minute bumboat ride from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal (priced at $3/person). For such a small price, it would be a great idea to bring friends and family along to check out the island’s rich biodiversity with over 700 native plant species and at least 215 bird species, and some monkeys, too! Feel free to enjoy the island on a bike as you visit traditional shops and rural kampungs, which is reminiscent of the place’s rich heritage and historic scene.

Image Credit: NParks Website

Sisters’ Island

If you’re into island-hopping, picnicking, snorkelling, and going on nature trail walks, then you have got to check out Sisters’ Island. Located south of the main island of Singapore, Sisters’ Island boasts of beautiful reefs full of marine life and picturesque crystal blue waters that make a perfect view for picnics by the beach. Another great attraction you can enjoy on this island is Singapore’s first Marine Park where you can join the intertidal and dive trail guided walks.

By Tan Kok Hui, CC BY 2.5

Coney Island

If you want something quick and easy to get to (no ferry ride needed) – perhaps on a bicycle or on foot, then consider visiting Coney Island straight from Punggol. Here, you can access the Coney Island Park where you can enjoy a unique wildlife experience and meet some of the endangered animals protected from captivity. Also, be sure to check out the exotic mangrove habitats and the lush greeneries in the forest by the boardwalk.

Image Credit: MarPa87 (Flickr)

Lazarus Island

If your idea of a perfect summer getaway is somewhere within reach and secluded, with lots of pretty beaches and greeneries, then be sure to book a trip to Lazarus Island. Here you can bask under the sun and take your sweet time to enjoy your rest and relaxation without having to worry about many people getting close to your personal space. Also, if it’s a quick escape to nature you want to enjoy, then the island’s nature spots are surely not to be missed.

By Kilburn2000 at English Wikipedia (Daniel Kilburn). – Own work., Public Domain

St John’s Island

Planning to take out the family or the gang for some fishing or a cool dip in crystal blue waters at the beach or a beautiful lagoon? Look no further – everything that spells water and nature adventure can be found here on St John’s Island.  If you’re also curious about the little surprises you can find on this unique island then go on a long trek through the Island Trail which will lead you to the unspoiled flora and fauna on this island.


Contrary to the belief of most people, Singapore is not just a city-island, because there are plenty of small islands that make up the Little red Dot. If you’re keen for new adventures but do not have the luxury of time and (much) resources to travel abroad, then you can certainly find some good places to enjoy your summer vacation right here on sunny Singapore.