Singapore’s Largest Mosque Reopens, Offers Info on Islam to Non-Muslims

As the Holy month of Ramadan closes in, Muslims from all parts of the world are preparing for this important religious event wherever they may be in the world.

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For practicing Muslims, this would mean days of fasting and involvement to charitable activities on top of long hours of prayers and listening to Quranic instructions. Here in Singapore, Muslims and those outside of the faith also have access to Islamic events as the largest mosque in the Republic reopens starting this month.

Singapore’s Largest Mosque Reopens, Offers Info on Islam to Non-Muslims
Credits: Masjid Darul Ghufran FB Page

Learn More About Islam at Largest Mosque in Singapore

Following a two-year reconstruction, the Darul Ghufran mosque in Tampines, which is now considered the largest in the country, now offers a dedicated centre for religious outreach within its premises, as shared in a report by the Straits Times.

The Dakwah (religious outreach) Centre is not only a place where Muslims can receive instruction and advice on Islam from experienced religious teachers, but it is also open to those who are non-Muslims who are interested to gain more information about the religion.

According to the Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Masagos Zulkifli, who attended the mosque’s official opening on Saturday (April 20), the Darul Ghufran mosque is the first establishment of its kind in the country to open a centre with such services offered.

Mr Masagos, who is also the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, further explained that members of the public can go to the centre and consult religious teachers if they have any questions or issues about Islam.

First opened to the public back in 1990, the Masjid Darul Ghufran has since undergone a SGD 25 million reconstruction and upgrade, adding three more floors – a basement car park, a fourth storey and a roof terrace. The Masjid Darul Ghufran also houses two new annexes dedicated to the office space and classrooms for Islamic instruction.

With the reconstruction work done on the masjid, its prayer space can now hold 5,500 worshippers, up from 4,000 previously, making it the biggest mosque in Singapore today. The Assyakirin mosque in Taman Jurong is the next largest with a capacity of 5,000.

The mosque was officially opened by President Halimah Yacob on April 20 (Saturday), who was taken on a tour of its new features, such as the new Youth Hub, where activities and study sessions are held.

To know more about the Darul Ghufran mosque and its recent reopening, you can visit their official website.