4 Top Job Industries for Expats in SG

Singapore has carved its name in the international arena for being one of the most progressive – even one of the best cities in the world when it comes to employment and living conditions, particularly for expats.

Given the diverse work culture and representation in the job market, it’s no wonder why expats set their sights on the Lion City as one of the top places in the world to live and work in. While there are many employment opportunities available on this commercial island, there are some industries which are naturally more in-demand than others. Here is a list of the top industries for expats in Singapore.

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4 Top Job Sectors for Expats in Singapore

  1. Banking and Finance

Many international banking firms, finance and insurance companies have grown their presence here in Singapore. Due to the international nature and networks forged in this industry, it’s possible for many banking and finance professionals to gain employment overseas with the same firm or their affiliate companies in Singapore. This is becoming the direction for many professionals in this industry. More recently, people who have developed a passion for e-commerce, online commodities and trading businesses are also heading in the same direction.

  1. Information Technology

Singapore’s tech-forward reputation as a nation can be attributed to the growing presence of highly competent IT professionals in the workplace. A number of international IT companies such as HP have successfully established its HQ and operations in the Lion City. Similar to the Finance industry, IT professionals and those with relevant skills and experience have used their qualifications and credentials as their ticket to build their career right here in Singapore.

  1. Tourism and Hospitality

Singapore is one of the more popular business and tourist destinations in Asia, so many companies have capitalized on this fact, knowing that the city has set the bar for its competitors and has established a reputation for its world-class resorts and luxury hotels. Tourist visits in 2016 have reached its peak in recent years, totalling to 16.4 million according to the Singapore Tourism Board.  That said, professionals in the hotel and management sector, especially with luxury tourism background will definitely find good career opportunities here on this travel and shopping haven.

  1. Retail and Sales

Lastly, the travel experience in Singapore wouldn’t be the same without getting the chance to see and pick great purchases from a wide array of high-end brands and retail products ranging from tech gadgets to designer items. This just shows how much big of an industry retail has become in this part of the globe. With that in mind, it definitely helps to possess skills and some level of experience in retail management if you’re looking to build a career in this city. Many international brands and labels, and even smaller boutique shops in Singapore are looking for managers and people with similar qualifications and skills set to join their team and to strengthen their product campaigns.


These are just some of the many sectors expats and professionals from all over the world can explore in Singapore.  Of course, we also shouldn’t overlook certain fields such as health care which does exceptionally well in most parts of the world. So, if you’re planning to start and build a career here in Singapore, be sure to look in any of these choice industries.