Gov’t Seeks More Type O Blood Donors as Stock Runs Low in Singapore

Last Friday (September 28), the Singapore government, through the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has announced that it is need of around 500 donors of type O blood as supplies are running low and must be raised to a healthy level to support estimated public medical demand.

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The two involved agencies expressed in a joint statement that the national blood stock level for type O blood is about half of the needed amount to meet daily transfusion needs and bleeding emergencies in the country.

Gov’t seeks more Type O Blood Donors as Stock Runs Low in Singapore

Type O Blood Needed as Supply Runs Low in Singapore

Being the universal blood group, type O blood is widely needed for patients during medical emergencies such as accident survivors; individuals undergoing major surgeries such as organ transplants; patients with cancer, lymphoma, blood disorders, or severe anaemia; and even new-borns with critical medical conditions; or in situations when their blood types are undetermined. Almost half of these patients can only receive type O blood.

With Singapore’s ageing population, more advanced life-saving medical procedures performed, and hospitals being established – the demand for blood is expected to increase every year.

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In line with this situation, the Singapore government is urging all healthy individuals who match the following requirements to donate blood over the next two weeks:

  • Age between 16 and 60 years
  • Must weigh at least 45 kg

Those who have not donated their blood in the last 12 weeks are also encouraged to participate in the blood drive.

For those qualified and interested individuals, you may visit Bloodbank@HSA, Bloodbank@Dhoby Ghaut, Bloodbank@Woodlands and Bloodbank@Westgate Tower.

Donors are required to present their NRIC or passport. Those who have never donated blood in Singapore before can get more info by clicking HERE.

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