Migrant Worker Jailed for Allegedly Hurting Elderly Employer

Recently the government has expressed intention of improving the work conditions of caregivers of elderly people in the country through extending financial support to this group of workers whether locally-acquired or from overseas.

Singapore’s population is expected to become predominantly grey by 2030 as forecasted by the Ministry of Health. And so, the welfare of the elderly population will have to be considered when it comes to law-making as early as now.

Migrant Worker Jailed for Causing Hurt to Elderly Employer

Foreign Maid who Caused Hurt to Elderly Employer Sent to Jail

An Indonesian domestic helper allegedly assaulted her elderly employer out of anger while helping her take a shower last year, as shared in a report by Yahoo! News Singapore.

26-year old Mudrikah allegedly hit her 69-year old employer Ng Chat Heng on the wrist using a shower head.

Last January 23 (Wednesday), Mudrikah was imprisoned for one week after pleading guilty to one count of causing hurt to her elderly victim.

On April 4 of last year, Mudrikah was assisting Ng to take a shower when the latter tried to grab the shower head and move around.

Fearing for Ng’s safety, the maid scolded the elderly woman. As per court statements, the victim did not want to be scolded by the victim’s niece.

Three days after, the victim’s niece visited her aunt and noticed some bruises and a small cut on her aunt’s left wrist.

It was then that she decided to bring her aunt to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where the staff there made a police report about the assault.

Upon medical check-up, the doctor has found the patient to have extensive bruising over her left arm and wrist. There was also mild tissue swelling over the affected wrist, with reduced bone density.

For inflicting hurt to the victim, the defendant could have been sent to prison for up to two years and fined up to SGD 5,000.