What is Black Friday and Why is it a Big Deal?

Christmas is right around the corner, but if you haven’t done your Christmas shopping just yet – there’s no need to get in a panic over the holiday rush. Mark your calendars and take some time off from work on Nov. 24 because… it’s Black Friday. But before you give us that look, read further.

Black Friday is like a shopper’s holiday. It is a worldwide shopping event which happens once a year, right after Thanksgiving. And this year, it’s going to be on the 24th of November… leaving just enough window of time to shop for your choice Christmas presents for friends, loved ones and even yourself.

A little history on Black Friday

Black Friday was first introduced in the mid-20th century in the US. It is believed that the name of the event came from the time when retail shops recorded their earnings “in the black”, which meant that they earned more profit from their products on that specific day than any other day of the year. Another theory as to how the name came to be was because of how people frantically drove their cars to stores which would leave black skid marks on the road.

Either way, the event has always been celebrated on a Friday following Thanksgiving. This actually marks the start of the early Christmas shopping sales and promotions. Interestingly, the holiday shopping period has been extended over the same weekend up to Monday, which is also known as Cyber Monday in some countries.

In Singapore, Black Friday has only been celebrated a few years ago, so prior to this time only a few people knew what the event was all about. However, since then, product sales from all retail shops all over the island immensely grew as people started to take advantage of the amazing deals they could get for trendy electronic gadgets, fashion, health and beauty items, and other home essentials.

How to Make the Most of Black Friday: 3 Tips


Tip #1: Prepare your shopping wish list ahead of time.

Remember to check out items from online shopping stores in advance so you’ll know which ones to check back with on Black Friday. To save time and effort (as choice items may go out of stock in just a few minutes or a few hours), start adding products to your shopping cart or wish list as soon as you can, so on Nov. 24th, you can checkout your items easily. Knowing what you want to purchase days before the actual event saves you time on Black Friday which means smarter and hassle-free shopping!

Tip #2: Follow promotions and sales on an online discount platform such as Picodi.

Expect a rush of mad shoppers in retail stores on Black Friday. As it is, a smart shopper understands that technology can give you special perks and a special pass to your favourite stores with just a few clicks right in the convenience of your home or office. Check out online discount platforms such as Picodi to snag great deals from some of the more popular online stores such as Lazada, Charles and Keith, Zalora, and so on.

Tip #3: Keep tabs of several online shopping sites in one browser and have your credit cards at hand.

On Black Friday, keep several tabs of your favourite shopping websites open. There’s no need to hit the refresh button over and over again. Once you’ve created your Picodi account, check out their exclusive Black Friday page to gain access to all Black Friday promos and deals available online. Check out various promotional sales and discount offers from a wide range of local and international retail shops. There’s no way you couldn’t snag an excellent buy with all the great deals and promotions available here and there.


With smart tools and helpful technology at your disposal, holiday shopping has never been this merry and practical since the advent of the Black Friday phenomenon. Here’s to wishing you a stash full of holiday goodies for everyone who matters to you.