[Advisory] Bukit Panjang LRT to Resume Operations on Sundays, but with Limited Hours

After the temporary closure of the Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit (BPLRT) from the public on Sundays starting April 15 for maintenance and repair works, land transport provider, SMRT, had announced last June 21 that the BPLRT train line will resume service on Sundays starting July, but with shortened operating hours.

According to SMRT, the BPLRT stations will once again offer train services to the public on Sundays at 8:00 am, instead of 5:30 am from July 1 to October 28. This is to allow the intensified maintenance activities on the line to continue.

Image credit: SMRT Website

Bukit Panjang LRT to Resume Service on Sundays but with Shorter Hours

The full-Sunday closure of the BPLRT stations from April up until June had allowed for the engineering and maintenance teams to speed up the replacement of track switch equipment and power rails along key sectors of the train network.

The delayed opening hours of the stations within the BPLRT network will provide the repair and maintenance teams the needed time to perform important work on the rest of the BPLRT line network, the SMRT explained.

In line with this, shuttle buses A and B are still expected to service commuters coming from the BPLRT line in both directions on Sundays from July until October.  The shuttle bus service will be recalled by October 28, when train operation hours on Sundays will have been set to its regular schedule once again.

The management of SMRT advised commuters to plan ahead for their travels while train operation hours are shortened to maximize alternate routes and bus shuttle services along the BPLRT lines.

The SMRT will also deploy staff to provide support and assistance to commuters in the BPLRT stations during the affected Sundays.