2 Filipinos Dead, 4 Injured in Car Crash in Lucky Plaza Mall

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Monday, December 30, confirmed the deaths of two Filipino women along with four others injured in a car crash in Singapore last December 29 (Sunday).

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In a statement, the DFA verified that two of the four injured are now in stable condition while the two others are still undergoing “intensive treatment”.  

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OFWs Involved in SG Vehicle Accident Undergoing “Intensive” Treatment

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore has worked with the Singapore Police Force and hospital authorities to identify the six (6) Filipino victims, who are all working in Singapore.

The DFA shared, “all victims are being assisted by the Embassy.”

The agency also noted that it is in touch with Singapore authorities for the repatriation of the remains of the two Filipino fatalities. 

The Embassy has already notified the families of the victims in the Philippines. 

Meanwhile, the Singapore Police Force is currently conducting investigations to determine the cause of the fatal accident near the Lucky Plaza Mall, a local gathering spot for migrant workers in the country including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

The six Filipino women were reportedly having a picnic along a side road next to the Lucky Plaza mall in Singapore when a car crashed through a metal railing and headed straight for them on Sunday afternoon.    

In a related report by the Straits Times, the 64-year-old driver of the car that crashed through a pavement railing and into the group of Filipinos has been arrested after the incident.

As per the report, the two Filipinos aged 41 and 50 were unconscious when they were brought to Tan Tock Seng Hospital but later died from their injuries. 

Meanwhile, the four other injured victims, aged 37 to 56, were conscious when they were brought to the hospital. All of the six victims were Filipino domestic workers.

In a separate report by Channel News Asia, one of the victims who died and another, who is critically injured, are sisters, as confirmed by Philippine Embassy charge d’affaires Adrian Bernie Candolada.

As per Candolada, “So far, one family of the deceased is seeking help to be able to travel to Singapore to see their loved one at the hospital. We have already conveyed their request to our home office in Manila.”   

The DFA, in its statement, expressed its condolences to the families of the two women who died on the spot.

The Philippine Embassy in Singapore together with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila are fully committed to extending support and assistance to the victims’ families.

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