More than 1,000 GP Clinics to Remain Open through Chinese New Year Season

We all know how Asians can get festive during the holidays, and Singapore is no exception, especially that a large population of people here have Chinese descent. This, and the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations are sure to bring lots of families and friends together over festive dinners, one after another.

That being said, we can also expect people to binge eat and get upset stomachs after the festive celebrations and back-to-back family reunions during this season.

More than 1,000 GP Clinics to Remain Open through CNY Season

Over 1,000 GP Clinics to Stay Open during CNY Season

It is for this reason that over 1,000 general health practitioner clinics have decided to stay open during the Chinese New Year holiday season, as shared in a report by the Straits Times.

On Friday (February 1), the Ministry of Health has released a statement that a total of 1,014 GP clinics will be open starting Monday until Wednesday.

The MOH shared, “We encourage members of the public who feel unwell during the festivities to visit their GP or a 24-hour clinic for conditions that are neither life-threatening nor serious.”

The ministry also reminded the public to visit accident and emergency departments at hospitals only for serious injuries or emergencies. These include chest pain, breathlessness and profuse heavy bleeding.

Also, the ministry urged the public to eat in moderation and to exercise regularly to stay healthy especially through the holiday period when people tend to get caught up with so many things.

The complete list of clinics and their operating hours is available on the Ministry of Health’s website and via the HealthHub mobile application, among others.

The ministry’s helpful reminder is influenced by an increased risk for heart-related problems during the holiday season, which is caused by poor diet choices and the lack of physical activity during this period.