Radicalised Domestic Helper Reported by Employer to Authorities

No matter what a person’s position in society is, they have the right to think the way they do. And this is something that is not covered by a contract or one’s duties at work.

However, despite being a personal thing, there are limits as to what a person can express or expect other people to behave within a society. But what’s important is to be wary of behaviours that could compromise public safety, or those that violate the rights of other people, along with those considered as crimes.

Radicalised Domestic Helper Reported by Employer to Authorities

Employer Reports Maid to Authorities for Radicalised Behaviour

An alert employer had reported that her household helper has been radicalised, after noticing her frequently viewing violent material on her mobile phone, as shared in a report by the Straits Times.

The maid was apparently one of the five Indonesian domestic workers who have been recently repatriated when authorities learned that they have supported armed violence.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), when a person adopts extreme political, religious, or social views, they could potentially be radicalised over time and may want to engage in extremist or terroristic activities.

Here are possible signs of radicalisation which we should all watch out for:

  • Openly subscribing to or expressing the belief that violence is justified.
  • Idolising, throwing support or sympathising with terrorists and their causes.
  • Attempting to get others to join or support terrorism and/or engage in terroristic activities.
  • Showcasing insignia or symbols in support of terrorist groups.

Family, friends, and those who know these people are often the first ones to notice these behavioural changes.

According to the MHA, family and friends of suspected radicalised individuals should reach out and try their best to counsel these people. Also, they should not hesitate to tip authorities if they are unable to counsel them accordingly.

The MHA explained that by reporting these individuals early on, they could be given proper guidance and counselling so that they can be removed from the path of radicalisation.

Also, they may not be severely dealt with under the law.

As per the MHA, if you know or suspect someone to be radicalised, you may report them to the ISD Counter-Terrorism Centre hotline at 1800-2626-473.