Orchard Road: From Retail to a Lifestyle Destination

Many of us have come to know of the Orchard Road in Singapore as a retail destination not only for locals but also for travellers from all corners of the globe. Orchard Road has become an iconic location in the country, what with the lively activities and retail offerings which make the place one of the most visited tourist attractions on the island.

Orchard Road: From Retail to a Lifestyle Destination
Image Credit: NParks Board

Orchard Road Soon to Become a Lifestyle Hub

But soon, Orchard Road will undergo a major transformation in the coming years which will make it into a vibrant lifestyle destination which offers more than just retail services, as shared in a report by Yahoo! News Singapore.

Plans to establish sub-precincts along the 2.4 km-long street, as well as a designated pedestrian section of the road which will link Istana Park, Dhoby Ghaut Green, as well as the open space at Plaza Singapura have already been proposed.

These were unveiled by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and National Parks Board (NPB) last January 30 (Wednesday), after completing a six-month study and consultations with stakeholders.

Orchard Road: From Retail to a Lifestyle Destination
Image Credit: Urban Redevelopment Authority

The initiative has been designed with two main thrusts:

  • The Lifestyle Destination, whereby the Orchard Road will be divided into four sub-precincts – Tanglin, Orchard, Somerset and Dhoby Ghaut – where guests can encounter various unique experiences.
  • Bring Back the Orchard, whereby the area is to be seen as a lush, green “urban corridor” which will link two historical green spaces – Singapore Botanic Gardens and Fort Canning Park.

According to Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development and Co-Chair of the Ministerial Steering Committee for Orchard Road, every city has its own popular shopping streets and neighbourhoods, and for Singapore that has been Orchard Road. However, as it is faced with growing competition from other cities, it is very much in need of a revamp in order to adapt to rapidly changing retail trends.

Wong added, the ideas put in to design the possibilities of making Orchard Road a place for all to enjoy, will take some time and action from both the government as well as the private sector. The ministry will continue to accept feedback and suggestions, and coordinate with all stakeholders to continually refine the vision and put into action the plans of making the Orchard Road an exemplary street in the city.