Land Transport Authority Opens E-scooter Registration by early January

Starting January 2, electric scooter (e-scooter) users can register their vehicles with the Land Transport Authority (LTA), as shared in a report by Channel News Asia.

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For owners who will have registered their e-scooters by March 31, the registration fee of SGD 20 will be waived according a media release by the LTA last December 12 (Wednesday).

Land Transport Authority Opens E-scooter Registration by early January
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


E-scooter Users May Register their Vehicles starting January 2

Registration can be accomplished via the LTA’s website or at Singapore Post Offices until June 30.

To register, applicants must be at least 16 years old, and must declare that their e-scooter adheres to the device criteria as specified under the Active Mobility Act according to the LTA.

The department also pointed out that those who will be determined to have made false declarations will be subject to a fine of up to SGD 5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 months.

A unique registration number will be issued to applicants upon registration. The e-scooter owners will then be asked to create an identification mark with the unique number, as explained by the LTA. There will be a separate LTA Registration Mark which will be issued to the registrant.

Applicants who will submit their registration online will be issued an LTA Registration Mark via their registered mail. Meanwhile, those who register at SingPost offices will get their Registration Mark on the spot.

Owners who will register their vehicles on or before June 30, 2019 will be given a grace period of 14 calendar days from the date of registration to attach both the Identification Mark and the LTA Registration Mark visibly on their vehicle, during which they will be allowed to drive their e-scooter in public, the LTA explained.