LTA Upgrades Transit App to offer more Customization Features for Users

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) has released a recent update to its smart transport app, MyTransport.SG last Sept 7. The beta version of the app is available to both Android and iOS users. The developers of the app and LTA authorities hope that the revamped MyTransport.SG app will be more user-friendly and more personalized for commuters – whether they choose to travel by car or public transportation, as shared in a report by Today Singapore.

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The recently upgraded app version is set to replace its predecessor which goes by the same name by the end of this year according to the LTA’s website.

LTA Upgrades Transit App to offer more Customization Features for Users
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LTA Releases Transit App Update, to Phase out Older Version

With the Beta (or version 2.0) of the MyTransport.SG already available for everyone to download, users can now customize the app to receive real-time notifications regarding delays on their commonly-used routes, or in nearby transportation points. For instance, users could set their app to receive alerts only of delays along the East-West Line.

This feature update is unlike the previous setting where users would receive general updates on all traffic and transport delays in the city.

Even if this feature is already provided by similar apps such as Google Maps and, drivers and commuters can also gather real-time traffic information from MyTransport.SG in the form of detailed screengrabs from authorities’ traffic cameras across the island.

Drivers can also use the MyTransport.SG app to find available parking areas at their destination, and know how many parking lots are still available.

Although the current version of the app still lacks features such as a journey planner for cyclists, and the in-app access to private-hire car services, here are some of the key points which make the Beta version of the app more reliable than its previous version:

1.      It now sports a more simplified navigation and content page.

The new home screen easily lets users to key in their location and destination to plan for their trip, eliminating the need to go through 12 buttons to locate the journey planner.

2.      It now has a multi-modal journey planner.

Users can now check travel routes which gather information of different transport modes available, such as buses and trains. The previous app version only offered information based on one transportation type.

3.      It has more customization features to make the app more suitable for “you.”

Users now have the capability to filter which traffic alerts they would like to receive based on the routes they frequently take. In order to enable this, users need to enter their daily trips or a list of their most frequently used routes in the app, before subscribing to notifications for traffic situations (i.e disruptions) along those routes. In the previous version of the app, users would receive general notifications on traffic updates for all types of delays.

LTA Upgrades Transit App to offer more Customization Features for Users

LTA Upgrades Transit App to offer more Customization Features for Users
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With the holiday season fast approaching, it would be smart to take advantage of such smart apps to help you plan your trips on a daily basis to ensure safe and time-efficient travels. (ALSO READ: Must-Have Apps When Living in Singapore)