5 Things You Can Do to Earn Extra Income During the Holidays

A lot of people look forward to the holidays for a variety of reasons. Kids take this as the perfect opportunity to ask their parents for that toy they’ve been eyeing for the longest time. For some, it’s a special opportunity to spend time with family and close friends while others take it as a much-needed break from work and the daily stresses of life.

However, the holidays can also be an opportunity for others to earn extra, especially since the season doesn’t end until theearly months of the following year. Here are some clever ways to earn extra over the holidays:

5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash During the Holidays

  1. Work part-time at retail shops and road show events.

The end-of-year period is particularly important for businesses such as retail and food and beverage because sales go out extremely fast and it’s almost always a make-or-break situation for businesses hoping to establish a name for itself. That being said, there’s a huge demand for workers to man stores, cashiers to tend to cash registers, and staff to man booths at road show events.

As most of these posts usually run until the end of the year, many people can take on temporary jobs and earn extra during the holiday season.

  1. Chauffeur rides with Uber or Grab

The holidays would usually bring lots of people out on the streets and this would mean higher price surges for rides. If you haven’t got any plans over the holidays, then consider driving with Uber or Grab, especially on Christmas and New Year’s Eve to earn extra.


  1. Rent out your place and be a host at AirBnB.

Planning of going out of the country for the holidays? Why not earn extra by renting out your place while on a trip abroad? Just do some house cleaning and sorting out, as you would before going on a holiday vacation, and get the help of a family member, neighbour, or friend to hand over the key and to usher guests into your home as well as to take care of the clean-up in case there will be multiple guests using the place.


  1. Take care of other people’s pets over the holidays.

The Christmas season is the perfect time for a lot of people to go on holiday trips with their families. That said, many pets get left behind needing other people to take care of them. If you have a soft spot for our furry little friends, then you could try working part-time as a petsitter. You can either drop by your client’s place to look after their pets or take the pet/s on board at your place while their owners are away.


  1. Showcase your hosting skills or talents in event shows.

Coming into the Christmas period until the New Year, shopping malls and event places will want to romp up their guest count through several promotional events to increase lead-in sales. One good way to do so is by bringing in talented people who can perform on stage or do hosting at road shows to engage audience. If you’re a freelancer, you can start calling talent management agencies who might be looking for agents to fill in some events or gigs during this time of the year. Likewise, musicians can directly reach out to venues to see if there are available gig slots left to be filled.


Whatever your skills may be, whether it be singing, dancing, driving, or looking after pets, you can find more ways than one to earn during the holidays. Just be sure to start looking at the right places.