Filipina in Singapore Builds Php 800K Dream House

One of the things Filipinos fear about when leaving for work abroad is the feeling of homesickness or loneliness. While it can be disheartening, it’s something that everyone has to deal with, if you want to survive and thrive in your work overseas.

But one advantage for OFWs today is the fact that the world has gotten quite smaller due to globalization and technology. As an effect, people can connect with their families and other people so much easier than it was 10 or 20 years ago.  This has allowed for friendships and relationships to flourish through social media and the internet.

In this post, we will feature an OFW vlogger in Singapore as featured by another OFW from Hong Kong. The two friends share a common dream of building their own house in the Philippines, so when one of them was able to accomplish this, the other just had to share in their success and joy by promoting their achievement and giving tips to help others realize their goals, too. Keep on reading to learn more.

Disclaimer: This article is for information-sharing only. If you would like to get more content such as the video featured in this post, you can check out the featured vloggers’ channels: Pretty kuskusera and Igorota the Gallivanter.  They share tips, their experiences, and other updates about their life, work, and journey as OFWs in their respective countries.

Singapore OFW Builds 800K Dream House
Screengrab of the video posted by Pretty Kuskusera / YouTube

OFW in Singapore Builds Php 800K Dream House

The two OFWs who share a common passion for vlogging became friends and inspired one another in their journey in sharing their stories on the internet.

When Igorota was able to build her own dream house in Benguet, all of her hardwork and sacrifices paid off. She shares with her viewers the great satisfaction in seeing her own dream house unfold right in front of her eyes.

And with the breathtaking mountain views in their hometown, no amount of hardship or sacrifices can muddle the joy of seeing one’s accomplishments finally come to fruition.

Here are some of the pictures of her dream house during construction:Singapore OFW Builds 800K Dream House

Screengrab of the video posted by Pretty Kuskusera / YouTubeSingapore OFW Builds 800K Dream House

Screengrab of the video posted by Pretty Kuskusera / YouTubeAccording to Igorota, it’s important to look ahead when you plan to work abroad. She meant that investing is a must, because as you know, work abroad is not permanent. Your career, most of the time, is only as good as what’s stated in your contract. So do make the most of it.

Singapore OFW Builds 800K Dream House
Screengrab of the video posted by Pretty Kuskusera / YouTube

Igorota shared some tips on how she was able to achieve her Php 800K 2-storey dream house and invest in a car for her family back in the Philippines:

  1. Save up – As you start to earn money abroad, remember your priorities and learn to religiously save up your earnings.
  2. Balance what you want vs. what you need – With your cash on hand, it’s easy to chase after everything that your eyes want. Remember to focus on your needs first. If there’s extra, then you can get some of the things you want.
  3. Delay gratification – Following up point #2, in reality, there’s no rush to get everything you want right away. If you can, delaying those purchases will prove to be healthier for you, financially, in the long run.

Catch the full vlog posted by Pretty Kuskusera below:

There’s much we need to learn once we start living and working on our own abroad, but the truth is, no work is permanent, so you need to exercise wisdom in your finances. And your goals should guide you there.

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