Filipino Nurse Convicted for Assaulting Elderly Dementia Patient Multiple Times in Nursing Home

There are a few professions considered as “noble” in the world today. Indeed, caring or rendering service to others can be considered a noble profession as practiced by those in the health care profession.

And as the number of elderly all over the world is expected to steadily rise, the need for more health care professionals, particularly nurses and caregivers will also increase in the coming years. However, in contrast to what most people view of the profession as lucrative and glamorous, care workers are also subject to long, stressful hours at work, not to mention being exposed to different types of patients with unique personalities and background.

Filipino Nurse Convicted for Assaulting Elderly Dementia Patient Multiple Times in Nursing Home
Credits: Orange Valley

Pinoy Nurse Charged of Assault for Punching Elderly Man with Dementia in Nursing Home

In relation to this, a Filipino nurse was charged of assaulting an elderly dementia patient under his care after he retaliated for being punched in the chest while at work, as shared in a report by Yahoo! News Singapore.

The male Filipino nurse who was identified as Bernardo JR Perdido Ramos, 36, who was working at one of the Orange Valley nursing homes was sentenced to 12 weeks’ jail term for one count of voluntarily causing hurt to an elderly patient (77), who also suffers from severe dementia.

As per court statements, a nursing assistant who stood as witness to the incident had reported the case to authorities.

Dasanayaka Achchillage Saman Kumara explained that as he entered the victim’s room to distribute clothes, Ramos went in shortly to distribute bedsheets and pillow cases when his trolley accidentally hit the patient’s bed.

Surprised by what happened, the patient shouted at Ramos asking who did it. To this Ramos replied, “Why? Me! Why? Me!”

In response, the patient punched Ramos in the chest once, which triggered Ramos to retaliate and punch the victim multiple times on the face.

Kumara, who saw the incident, checked on the patient and noticed visible injuries on his face and left ear.  As he was to leave the room to report what happened to their supervisor, Ramos glared and warned him against telling anyone of what happened.

Eventually, Kumara found the opportunity to report the case to their supervisor.

A police report was filed regarding the incident on November 24.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Benjamin Samynathan pursued a 12-week jail term for abusing the trust instated to Ramos as a nurse, and for attacking an elderly victim who was both elderly and sick.

For voluntary causing hurt, Ramos could have been sentenced by up to two years and/or given a fine of up to S$ 5,000.