Drivers of Foreign Vehicles with Outstanding Fines May be Denied Entry to Singapore

Driving in Singapore is widely monitored, and you don’t just get fined and simply get away with it. Not if the Traffic Police (TP) can help it.

From violations such as drink- driving to other less common violations at the company level, getting a license to drive here in Singapore also strictly means adhering to traffic laws.

Drivers of Foreign Vehicles with Outstanding Fines May be Denied Entry to Singapore
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SGD 32-M Worth of Fines Owed by Drivers of Foreign Vehicles in Singapore

Foreign vehicles with outstanding fines for traffic, parking or vehicular emissions violations may be denied entry into Singapore starting April 1, as shared in a report by Channel News Asia.

The decision, which was backed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF), Housing and Development Board, Land Transport Authority, National Environment Agency and Urban Redevelopment Authority, looks to boost enforcement of such violations.

To date, motorists of foreign vehicles have accumulated around 400,000 outstanding fines which roughly amounts to SGD 32 million.

According to the concerned agencies, there are approximately 60,000 foreign vehicles that enter Singapore every day. While majority of foreign motorists are law-abiding there are still a significant number of those who are not.

And with this sentiment, the concerned agencies have come up with a decision that foreign motorists must abide by Singapore traffic laws and must be made accountable to settle any outstanding fines incurred for such offences.

At present, the traffic police and other government agencies have been conducting operations at land checkpoints to detect such vehicles.

Despite these efforts, some motorists of foreign vehicles still disregard their outstanding fines.

To avoid being denied entry into Singapore, motorists are urged to check the AXS website if they have been listed for outstanding fines and for other vehicle-related offences.

Payment for the fines can be made through any of the following channels:

  • AXS kiosks, website and mobile app
  • Respective agencies’ websites and customer service counters
  • SingPost Post Offices, except for Traffic Police fines