Foreign Worker Accused of Raping Student Near Memorial Park

Singapore is generally known as a safe country in the region. Despite this, the kinds of crimes have shown a shift from the typical cases of misdemeanours to online swindling and scams.

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This trend can also be seen in most parts of the world. And so, at this point, cases of physical assault and abuse become rare incidences. But this does not mean they don’t happen anymore; that’s why in these instances, the people get more shocked than they normally do.

Foreign Worker Accused of Rape Charge of Student Near Memorial Park
Credits: Visit Singapore

Foreign National Charged of Raping Girl Near Kranji War Memorial

A foreign worker was called to appear in the High Court next month to face an aggravated rape charge for allegedly attacking and raping a female university student in Kranji, as shared in a report by Yahoo! News Singapore.

The foreign worker, Indian national Chinnaiah Karthik, 21, reportedly approached the 23-year-old student along Turf Club Avenue at around 1.30am on 4 May.

The student, who attempted to defend herself, was reportedly overpowered by the man, who retaliated and assaulted her.

The man later dragged the student into a nearby forested area between the Singapore Turf Club and Kranji War Memorial where he allegedly raped her.

The man was later on identified through surveillance footage recorded in the area, which includes footage from a camera attached to a lamp post, as per police investigations.

The Indian national was then arrested the next day near his dormitory during a police entrapment operation.

Chinnaiah is currently held in custody by police as investigations are still on-going. He was charged last Tuesday (May 14) and was called to appear in the High Court on June 3.

If convicted, Chinnaiah could be served a jail sentence of between eight and 20 years, and at least 12 strokes of the cane.

As we await for the development of this case, the important reminder for everyone is to remain vigilant when outside, especially during the wee hours of the night. And if it can be helped, try as much to be at home when there’s no business for you to stay outside.

The Singapore Police Force has also set up police centres and outposts in neighbourhoods. These are available round the clock, from 12 pm to 10 pm, respectively. Meanwhile, those who may witness a crime or an emergency can report the incident by calling 1800 255 0000 and 999, respectively.

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