What are the High-Paying Jobs in Singapore in 2022?

Singapore is one of the best countries any expat, whether Asian or Westerner, can go to for career growth and success. Singapore is a great place to live if you’re an expat. Its diversity and futuristic architecture make it an ideal place to visit for people who are looking for a new challenge.

Also, did you know that around 90% of foreign workers in Singapore are satisfied with their work conditions according to a recent government survey? Aside from being regarded as the easiest place to do business in the world, the country also has plenty of other great attributes.

Shifting away from Singapore as an ideal work destination for expats, we will now look at the highest paying jobs offered in the country, which you might find useful for your planning to move here for work in the near future. Keep on reading to learn more.

List of Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore in 2022

What Are The Top Jobs in Singapore in 2022?

As English is the main language used in Singapore, it won’t feel like a language barrier. The country is full of different cultures and cuisines, and as a result, there are a huge number of expat communities. There are also numerous schools, child care centers, and government facilities to accommodate your children and family’s needs.

So now that we know that language is not an issue in this country, if you’re considering to look for work here, then you better beef up your credentials based on the kind of job you wish to get. Here are some of the industries and highest paying jobs for each that you ought to know about to help you with your job hunting.

Accounting Jobs

What Are The Top Jobs in Singapore in 2022?

There’s a reason why many fresh graduates are eager to work for banks. Because they believe that working in this sector will make their lives better. Not only are accounting jobs in Singapore plenty, they’re also among the highest paying jobs in the country. Here are some of these:

  • Accountants – 5,300 SGD (Php 199,986) per month

An accountant is a person who works in the accounting or finance industry. He or she is certified to use various titles such as Chartered, Professional, and Registered Public Accountant.

Non-qualified accountants have responsibilities that are granted by law. Some of these include the ability to certify financial statements and may be held liable if they violate professional misconduct.

  • Retain Loan Officers – 2,400 SGD (Php 90,560) per month

Retail loan officers are responsible for originating and marketing residential mortgage loans. This role will be responsible for developing and marketing residential mortgage programs.

Most of these loan officers work for commercial banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies. They help people and businesses obtain loans.

  • Bank Tellers – 2,650 SGD (Php 99,993) per month

A bank teller is a person who works for a bank and is responsible for handling cash and other customer-related activities. In most cases, this employee requires a high school diploma or equivalent work experience.

Being a front-line teller is important as it prevents fraud and helps prevent losses at a bank. Aside from being able to detect fraudulent transactions, they also have to be friendly to the customers.

  • Commercial Credit Analysts – 4,200 SGD (Php 158,480) per month

A commercial credit analyst is a person who reviews commercial credit applications for purchases. This is similar to the concept of a credit analyst.

A commercial credit analyst focuses on an applicant’s financial statements and other key documents. They analyze the company’s financial statements and other key documents.

They also need to know how a company operates and how it handled its business. This information helps them in making an informed decision when it comes to obtaining a loan.

  • Commercial bankers – 6,500 SGD (Php 245,266) per month

Commercial bankers have plenty of flexibility. They may choose to work in small or large banks, and they may manage various responsibilities such as extending loans or providing financial services to clients.

In most cases, these customers prefer to work with one banker to develop a relationship that fits their needs. On the other hand, bigger banks have more specialized staff members.

Due to the increasing number of customers, banks have to offer services and solutions that are available to meet their needs. This means working hours that are flexible and can accommodate varying demands.

Human Resources Jobs

What Are The Top Jobs in Singapore in 2022?

Human resources professionals help finance companies manage their employees’ salaries and develop effective HR policies. They work across the finance industry to help banks and companies achieve their goals.

  • Admin Executive – 2,597 SGD (Php 97993) per month

An admin executive provides support to a variety of tasks, including organizing and maintaining office supplies and procedures. This person works as a liaison between clients and associates.

An admin executive is involved in the creation of reports, emails, and presentations. As a support person, he or she is also involved in keeping a daily record of events and keeping a record of all meetings.

  • HR Specialist – 2,884 SGD(Php 108,823) per month

Human resources specialists help hire and promote the right individuals for the job roles. They also consult with the management team to make sure that the right candidates get hired.

Human resources specialists play an important role in the hiring process by helping to find the ideal candidates and then organizing interviews. They may also do various other tasks related to the selection of candidates.

Human resource specialists are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company, such as recruiting and hiring new employees. They also ensure that the workplace is running smoothly.

  • L&D Specialist – 7,000 SGD (Php 264, 133) per month

L&D specialists help organisations develop and evolve their learning strategies. They do so by identifying the skills and capabilities that are required to meet the changing demands of the workforce.

The Learning and Development Specialist will support the development of all aspects of learning and development within the organisation. This role will play a key role in driving organisational effectiveness.

InfoTech Jobs

Singapore is the digital capital of Asia. With a vibrant ecosystem and world-class infrastructure, we are well-equipped to support the region’s Smart Nation vision.

  • IT Support Specialist – 3,333 SGD (Php 125,846) per month

The primary function of this position is to provide technical and functional support to the various systems and processes utilized by businesses. This includes, but is not limited to, implementing and maintaining effective systems and procedures, training and development, and security awareness.

The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience with all aspects of an ERP system, including development, testing, and reporting. This position requires a good knowledge of all aspects of the system.

  • IT Engineer – 6,650 SGD (Php 251,087) per month

To most people, an IT engineer is a skilled troubleshooter who helps keep computers running smoothly. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many facets of the job.

IT engineers are responsible for designing and implementing computer systems for a company. They troubleshoot and test hardware and software to ensure that the systems perform according to their intended function.

  • Cyber security Analyst – 4,096 SGD (Php 154,421) per month

A cybersecurity analyst is responsible for protecting networks and infrastructure from various types of threats. They are also trained to prevent and detect these attacks.

The goal of a cybersecurity analyst is to safeguard company’s networks from hackers. He or she is tasked with assessing and protecting the network from various threats.

  • DevSecOps – 5,656 SGD (Php 213,235) per month

As a DevSecOps Engineer, you’ll use various tools and methods to identify and mitigate cyber threats. There are some key differences when it comes to keeping with DevOps practices and security. Security is an integral part of any software development project, as it is built into the code while it is being created. This ensures that the software is secure from the outset.

DevSecOps roles are part of a continuous process that involves collaboration between developers and the DevOps engineers to ensure that security issues are addressed. This involves understanding the various tools that can detect and fix security issues. In order to effectively implement DevSecOps, DevSecOps Engineers must have the necessary communication skills. This is because, in order to share knowledge of threats, they must communicate with the entire team.

FinTech and Telecommunications Jobs

What Are The Top Jobs in Singapore in 2022?

The telecom industry is full of potential for the fintech industry. With the help of this industry, this technology can transform the way we communicate and transact. Through the use of Blockchain technology, various industries have been able to benefit from its impressive capabilities. From establishing a record of authenticity to tracking inter-modal freight, the technology has brought a wide variety of applications to the market.

  • Solution Architect – 7424 SGD (Php 280,311) per month

Solution architects are responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive solution architecture that fits to the requirements of a business.

A solution architect is a sought-after role in software development companies. They help develop and integrate various systems and solutions that meet specific requirements.

To ensure that the future system architecture is built efficiently, architects study the existing systems and work with the technical and commercial staff to develop the best solution. The solution architect and the business analyst work together on the project. The latter then develops the requirements and the solution’s goals.

Architects can also design and build software systems and hardware that work seamlessly together.

  • Business Development Manager for Fintech – 5648 SGD (Php 213,254) per month

The role of a Fintech Business Development Manager is to provide strategic advice and support to help develop and execute on partnership opportunities with established and emerging financial technology companies.

As a Fintech Business Development Manager, you will be responsible for identifying potential customers and business partners for our products and services. Your goal is to find the ideal customer fit for our company.

  • Channel Sales specialist – 7,298 SGD (Php 275,139) per month

The Channel Sales Specialist is responsible for growing and maintaining relationships with assigned channel partner distributors. This role works with clients to identify and develop new opportunities for growth. They work with the sales team to achieve goals and profitability. They also handle key accounts and develop effective relationships with the corporate clients.

The primary objective of this role is to drive and sustain the growth of the Services Sales in the target market through the selection of a list of the company’s industry partners. The dedicated region and business partner assignment will focus in any given area or region required by the company.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Specialist – 9,905 SGD (Php 372,779) per month

The Cloud Infrastructure Specialist will be responsible for the coordination of the various components of the Cloud infrastructure, including storage, backup and virtualization. The candidate should work with the Infrastructure Solution Designer to develop and implement the necessary solutions that meet the requirements of the organization.

The Cloud Infrastructure Specialist will develop solutions that meet the non-functional requirements of the organization. He/she will then work with the other members of the team to ensure that the solutions are optimized and cost-effective.

  • Network Specialist – 6,892 SGD (Php 259,383) per month

Network specialists help organizations keep their networks running smoothly. They collect data on various aspects of their networks and monitor their performance.

They may work in data centers that handle various systems, such as storage and networking equipment. They may also oversee or design various systems.

  • Data Center Specialist – 9,905 SGD (Php 372779) per month

The role of data center specialists involves monitoring and maintaining the various aspects of the data center’s operations, including the installation, testing, and maintenance of network equipment.

Aside from having the necessary technical expertise, specialists also need to have good customer service skills. They should also be able to work in harsh environments.

They monitor and maintain the equipment and the systems that support it. They are also responsible for monitoring and testing new software and hardware. They then check the equipment to make sure that it is working properly. They then get ready for new equipment specifications.

  • Database Administrator – 6,739 SGD (Php 253,625) per month

Database specialists handle large amounts of data to support various business operations. They are responsible for ensuring that the data is stored in a secure manner and backed up.

As a database administrator, you may choose to develop databases for a variety of industries, such as financial services, healthcare, and government. Most databases are built using industry-standard tools and databases.

  • End-User Computing Manager – 81,778 SGD (Php 6,814) per month

The End-User Computing Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of various tasks and activities related to the end-user computing platform. This position also requires the ability to collaborate and cross-train team members.

The End User Computing team consists of desktop engineers, team leads, and system administrators. The Manager’s responsibilities include recruiting and selecting team members, managing team resources, and overseeing employee performance.

  • Trade Compliance Specialist – 5,499 SGD (Php 206,957) per month
  • A trade support specialist works under the supervision of a senior trader to help him evaluate and select investment products. This position also helps clients and portfolio managers identify and monitor securities in financial markets.

A successful trader’s assistant uses math and computer algorithms to evaluate and recommend investment opportunities. They may also work with a portfolio manager or head trader to minimize risk.

  • Technical Support Engineer – 6,790 SGD (Php 255,544) per month

A technical support engineer is a specialist who helps in resolving issues related to various components of computer systems. This specialist can work in diverse industries such as information technology, aerospace, medical, and automobile.

A technical support engineer job is different depending on the industry. For instance, in the telecommunication industry, a technical engineer may help resolve various issues while providing customer care.

Technical support engineers are skilled in handling various technical issues, such as network configuration and account setups. They are also available for urgent inquiries.

Aside from having the necessary skills, these individuals should also have a good knowledge of computer hardware and software. They should be able to solve technical problems efficiently.

A technical support engineer should support customers by providing them with the necessary expertise and support they require. This role should involve handling various aspects of customer support.

Marketing Jobs

What Are The Top Jobs in Singapore in 2022?

The Singapore economy’s robust growth has attracted many foreign and local investors to establish businesses in the country. Its numerous advantages, such as the country’s open immigration policy, make it a great place to start a business. This means morre exciting jobs in the marketing space, too!

  • Marketing Assistant – 2,454 SGD (Php 92,357) per month

A Marketing Assistant is a junior member of the senior marketing team that provides support to the senior marketing staff. They support the development and execution of executive marketing campaigns and reports.

Marketing assistants support executives and managers in developing and implementing marketing strategies. They also collect and interpret marketing data.

  • Marketing Coordinator – 2,832 SGD (Php 106,583) per month

Marketing assistants support executives and managers in developing and implementing marketing strategies. They also collect and interpret marketing data.

The marketing coordinator coordinates all of the company’s marketing efforts. This person may also help the department reach its goals by completing various tasks.

A marketing coordinator coordinates all aspects of the marketing department’s activities.

The role involves working with various team members to identify and implement cross-functional team efforts. This includes creating lists and processing invoices.

This project involves developing original copy for various platforms, including social media platforms and website content.

  • Marketing Manager – 8,167 SGD (Php 307,368) per month

A marketing manager is usually responsible for developing and managing a variety of products and services for a company or a product. This person also needs to have a good sense of humor and be able to communicate effectively.

A marketing manager is responsible for planning and implementing marketing campaigns for a variety of clients. They also work with advertising agencies and prepare sales and advertising contracts.

The duties of a marketing manager are to plan and execute the company’s promotional images. Unplanned images can happen even without the company’s knowledge or approval.

A skilled marketing manager can help a company avoid receiving negative feedback and reassure the public that it’s doing all it can to improve the situation.

The marketing manager works with other team members to develop and implement various forms of advertising. They may also negotiate the terms of the contract for the various forms of marketing.

The marketing manager also determines the level of public interest in a new product or service and the potential profitability of the venture. They also look for new markets that require the company’s products or services.

  • Marketing Director – 18,333 SGD (Php 689,970) per month

The marketing director leads and coordinates the activities of the department. This includes overseeing all of the department’s activities and overseeing all of the department’s accounts or divisions.

Marketing directors are usually focused on developing and implementing strategies that help companies sell their products and services. They may work for different types of employers.

Marketing managers help clients promote their products and services. They work for advertising firms, schools, hospitals, and other large companies. They come up with strategies and implement them in order to win business.

A marketing director’s first job is to get started in marketing. They may work on developing product descriptions, assisting seasoned employees with promotion, and managing one or more client accounts.

Supply Chain & Procurement Jobs

What Are The Top Jobs in Singapore in 2022?

With its strategic location and global reach, Singapore has become an attractive place for businesses to establish their operations. Its transport and logistics industry is also expected to play a major role in the future growth of the region.

The long-term shift in investment and trade from the West to East has been one of the reasons for growth. This is also due to the advantages of low-cost competition.

  • Supply Chain Analyst – 10,500 SGD (Php 395,172) per month

The Supply Chain Analyst must work with various departments and individuals to develop and implement strategies and solutions. This individual must also be able to communicate with vendors and solve problems.

A supply chain analyst is a vital part of a project team that works on large-scale projects. They plan and carry out various tasks related to the supply chain system.

A supply chain analyst is responsible for overseeing the purchase of goods and services from outside of the company. They do their due diligence to ensure that the company is getting the best possible price.

  • Commodity Manager – 7,204 SGD (Php 271,125) per month

A commodity manager works with various suppliers to manage their commodity inventory. They monitor and control costs while maintaining a balanced inventory.

The roles of procurement and commodities manager are often interrelated. In most cases, the roles are combined and the person who has the most responsibility for procurement will also be the commodities manager.

The commodity manager also has a role in ensuring that the supply chain is stable and that there is no risk of it breaking down.

The commodity manager is an extremely complex role that requires a person with deep knowledge in various aspects of commodities and the supply chain. This person should be capable of handling all of the different responsibilities that come with this position.

  • Customer Service Manager – 4,033 SGD (Php 151,784) per month

A customer service manager coordinates the day-to-day operations of the department. They also work with other department officials to improve the department’s performance.

A customer service manager is a vital part of a company’s operations and is responsible for ensuring that the satisfaction of its customers is always achieved.

Customer Service Managers work with other department heads to improve the overall customer service experience. They also help develop new strategies and procedures to improve the efficiency of their organization.

They may also call or email customers if they have a question or need additional guidance.

  • Logistics Manager – 9,077 SGD (Php 341,617) per month

A logistics manager oversees the movement and storage of goods and materials in a company.

A logistics manager is responsible for planning the logistics of getting the products they need to ship. They also plan the routes and accommodations they need to make to get the goods to their destinations.

Most of the time, logistics managers are tasked with handling the often complex tasks of managing transportation problems, such as weather delays and geopolitical issues.

This job requires a lot of manual work and is usually focused on keeping track of all the details of an organization’s operations. Aside from keeping track of all the necessary documents, logistics managers also collaborate with other departments to ensure that all processes are in order.

  • Production Manager – 13,200 SGD (Php 496,787) per month

A Production Manager is an expert on how to improve a company’s production processes. They’re responsible for overseeing all of the organization’s production activities.

The Production Manager is also responsible for training new team members. If they encounter any issues or have a complex task that they’re supposed to complete, the Production Manager will then address and resolve the issue.

All members of the production team report to the Production Manager. The Production Manager will help them reach their goals and develop effective performance.

Production Managers will also work with other team members to set goals and develop strategies to improve their performance. They are also responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the company’s equipment.

Sales Jobs

What Are The Top Jobs in Singapore in 2022?

The retail industry in Singapore consists of a wide variety of businesses, ranging from supermarkets to convenience stores. The evolution of technology and the rise of e-commerce have shaken up the retail industry. It has created new opportunities for retailers, but also raised concerns about how it will affect store closures.

  • Sales Specialist – 5,154 SGD (Php 193,973) per month

Sales specialists are responsible for increasing sales and profitability for their clients. They work with a wide variety of products and services to help them reach their goals.

One sales specialist is responsible for identifying and managing the sales of a whole company. This specialist is also involved in making sure that the company’s sales goals are met.

Having the necessary knowledge about a particular product or service is very important in order to effectively sell it. This knowledge can be used to explain the usage of that particular product to the customers.

The sales specialist must also be able to identify and follow up with potential customers to ensure that sales are being made in line with the company’s projections. They must also be prepared to respond to any changes in the market.

  • Sales Chat Representative – 4,950 SGD (Php 186,295) per month

This role is responsible for answering questions related to the company’s products and services, as well as helping customers with sales inquiries. This person has the ability to multi-task and is flexible to work under pressure.

They are part of the team that provides support to the company’s customers and employees. They are also responsible for answering questions related to the company’s products and services.

  • Sales Engineer – 6,833 SGD (Php 257,163) per month

A sales engineer must have the necessary knowledge and skills to sell technological and scientific products to businesses. This person must also understand the scientific processes involved in making these products work.

Sales engineers are experts in the fields of scientific and technical products. They use their knowledge to explain the advantages of their products and services to potential customers.

Sales engineers are responsible for guiding and selling a product or service to a client. They must also negotiate a price and complete the sale.

Some sales engineers work with a team of salespeople who are primarily focused on marketing and selling the product. This allows the sales engineer to focus on his or her technical expertise.

Aside from presenting technical expertise, sales engineers also perform other tasks related to sales. They may ask for feedback from customers and modify or add new products or services.

  • Investment Sales Associate – 7,292 SGD (Php 274,437) per month

The investment sales assistant is a vital part of a financial firm’s operations, and it provides advice and support to its clients in various aspects of financial planning and investment process. He/she is also responsible for increasing the firm’s sales.

The investment sales assistant is primarily focused on helping the clients with their financial planning and investment process. This person helps the client get in touch with the right investment products and services for their needs.

This associate applies knowledge and expertise in securities market and financial markets to evaluate and recommend strategies for a firm’s leadership.

An investment associate uses various types of data to evaluate a company’s operations and economic conditions. He then formulates investment strategies that take into account various investment outcomes.

  • Sales Director – 5,631 SGD (Php 211,925) per month

A director of sales is a person who is responsible for overseeing the sales operations of a company. This role involves developing and implementing strategies and procedures to improve the company’s sales performance.

Sales directors are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the sales team, including the preparation and execution of sales strategies, the planning and launching of new products or services, and the motivating and developing of the sales team.

Sales directors typically need at least seven to 10 years of experience in a sales role to be considered for a promotion. Aside from having this level of experience, sales professionals also receive additional training to improve their skills and management.

Business Management Jobs

What Are The Top Jobs in Singapore in 2022?

Singapore is the leading hub for business services in the Asia-Pacific region. With a huge pool of talent and numerous companies operating in the country, Singapore’s business services firms are well-placed to support the various needs of firms operating in various industries.

  • Financial Manager – 6,500 SGD (Php 244,630) per month

Finance managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of an organization’s financial activities. They develop strategies and implement plans designed to help the organization reach its goals.

Finance managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of an organization’s financial activities. They develop strategies and implement plans designed to help the organization reach its goals.

The role of the financial manager has changed in response to the technological advances that have reduced the time it takes to produce reports. Instead of monitoring a company’s financials, they now do more data analysis to improve their efficiency.

Financial managers also have specific responsibilities that are specific to their industry or organization. For instance, healthcare financial managers must be experts in healthcare finance.

  • Operations Manager – 7,083 SGD (Php 266,571) per month

An operations manager is primarily responsible for overseeing HR duties, such as attracting and hiring talent. They also work to improve processes and procedures.

An operations manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a company, which includes the production of goods and services. He or she is usually focused on improving the efficiency of the company’s production machines.

Operations managers generally oversee various tasks and activities related to the operations of an organization. They are also involved in developing strategies and implementing processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

An operations manager is a vital role in a business or government organization. The duties of this position vary depending on the size and complexity of the company.

A business operations manager coordinates the activities of a non-profit, government, or business organization. They may also be responsible for human resources, payroll, and accounts payable.

  • Finance Analyst – 5,000 SGD (Php 188,177) per month

Financial analysts play a vital role in assessing a company’s current value and future business prospects. They help develop and implement forecasts that will inform and improve a company’s decisions.

Most of the time, analysts will create and maintain various forms of dashboards and spreadsheets to help them gather and interpret complex data. They are also tasked with developing models to value potential investments.

In-house financial analysts may also meet with project managers to discuss the performance of their organizations.

Retail banking jobs include customer service, sales & trading, and research. There are also various roles available at corporations.

  • Agile Coach – 10,013 SGD (Php 376,843) per month

Agile coaches help train employees on the principles of the agile methodology and develop effective agile teams. They are also tasked with motivating the workforce to adopt the method.

A coach is someone who is well-versed in agile processes. He or she could help the new team members get started and navigate through the various steps of the process.

Agile coaches help corporate teams develop and implement the agile methodology. They are tasked with developing leaders and motivating the team members through the implementation process.

The role of an agile coach can be permanent or temporary. For larger organizations, it can be beneficial to have an agile coach on staff for a long term basis.

Agile coaches play an important role in transforming a company’s culture by encouraging employees to embrace the methodology.

Agile coaching is a process that helps employees understand the framework and its various components. This process can be very useful for people who are new to the agile industry.

You’ll need to have strong interpersonal skills and communication abilities to be successful as an agile coach. There are certain challenges that you’ll have to overcome in order to successfully implement the agile methodology.

As an agile coach, you’ll need to be able to communicate and collaborate with all employees within the organization. You’ll also need to know how to manage the culture within the organization.

Final Thoughts

Now that a large number of people have been vaccinated in their respective countries, movement across borders is expected to become more active once again. With this development, workplaces will become filled once again.

But even if it’s still a remote setup, there are still going to be jobs and roles that need to be filled. Which jobs from the list would you like to get into in 2022?

How do you think can the role help you meet your career and financial goals moving forward? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

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