iPhone X released, makes waves in Asia

Apple’s latest iPhone model, iPhone X, made a huge splash when it was put on sale in Asia last Nov. 3 with over 300 patrons waiting outside Singapore’s Apple Store, which was the first store in Southeast Asia to put the much-awaited phone model on sale.

People who have pre-ordered from neighbouring countries flew in to Singapore the night before Nov 3rd to queue in line in anticipation and to finally get their pre-ordered items.

iPhone’s 10th year anniversary  sees the release of flagship model iPhone X  all over the world

The 10th year anniversary iPhone model has much to offer for its eye-popping market price which roughly sits at $1,100.  iPhone X highlights top of the line features which combine smart functionality and Apple’s signature aesthetic designs such as a glass body, facial recognition, 3D camera features, cordless charging, as well as a 5.8-inch OLED screen display among others.

Nov. 3 marks the iPhone’s 10th year anniversary and its latest flagship model, iPhone X is now available inn around 50 stores worldwide.