Changi is Asia’s Busiest, Most Connected International Airport

For the second time, Changi Airport has been recognized as Asia’s most connected international airport as announced by air travel data analyst firm, OAG Aviation, in a report by the Straits Times.

And while it kept its hold on the top spot in the region, globally, Changi dipped two notches to take the eighth spot, with London’s Heathrow Airport taking #1 spot based on flight schedules and many other industry indicators as collated and analysed by industry consultancy firm, OAG Aviation.

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Changi is Asia’s Busiest, Most Connected International Airport
Photo Credits: Changi Airport FB Page

Changi among one of the World’s Most Widely-Used International Airports

In categorically ranking the airports, OAG gathered data on the total number of all possible connections between inbound and outbound flight services in a 6-hour window on the busiest day for global aviation for the 12-month period which ended last July.

The ranking took into consideration all international flights to and from the airports.

In line with this, OAG also noted that five other airports in the Asia-Pacific region have landed in the Top 20 most connected airports in the world.

Landing on the second highest spot at 10th is Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta, followed by Kuala Lumpur International at 12th, then Hong Kong International at 13th, with Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi and South Korea’s Incheon rounding up the list at 14th and 15th spots, respectively.

However, experts comment that tighter competition awaits Changi, with neighbouring more Asian airports gearing up to make impact by following through on their ambitious plans.

Mr Mayur Patel, OAG’s regional sales director for Japan and the Asia-Pacific, shared that Asia’s strength in the aviation industry is quite imminent as there are likely to be some interesting changes once another game-changer, Beijing’s new airport, enters the playing field.

Changi is Asia’s Busiest, Most Connected International Airport
Photo Credits: Changi Airport FB Page

Changi airport, which can accommodate up to 82 million passengers annually, could see further growth by up to 130 million passengers a year when Terminal 5 begins operation sometime in 2030.

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