Alleged Pickpocket Caught on Cam Arrested

Singapore, as strict and orderly as it seems, also has its own share of “street stories” that paint an image in stark contrast of what the country has made account of itself in the past few years.

And while Singapore is known as the safest country in the world based on a popular survey, there are still things that it can improve on if we only take a look at the details more carefully.

Alleged Pickpocket Caught on Cam Arrested
A screengrab from a video posted on the Stomp citizen journalism website showing the alleged incident.

Pickpocket Caught on Video at Ang Mo Kio Hub Arrested

A man who was allegedly pickpocketing from another man at a taxi hub outside the Ang Mo Kio hub was charged on court last Tuesday (Feb 19), as shared in a report by Yahoo! News Singapore.

The pickpocket caught on video was identified as Azman Addon, 51, has been charged with a single count of stealing a black wallet worth SGD 602 from the victim on Valentine’s Day.

The video of the reported incident was submitted to the Stomp citizen journalism site, which was released on February 15.

According to court reports, Azman was on a remission order when he allegedly committed the offence. However, it was not known what the previous offence was.

In another report shared by the Straits Times, Azman was caught on camera by a witness who spotted his alleged pickpocketing attempt.

Identified in the report as Ayihtnas, the witness shared that she shouted to call the attention of the victim when Azman allegedly walked away with his wallet.

Afterwards, the victim chased after Azman and was able to retrieve his wallet back. He then filed a police report on the incident.

The police managed to determine Azman’s identity through ground enquiries and police cameras which led to the arrest of Azman last Monday. He will be called back to court on March 5.

If convicted to the charge, Azman could face a jail term of up to three years on top of a possible fine.