How to Register in One Health Pass (OHP) Philippines

UPDATE: Be advised that the One Health Pass system is no longer working and all travellers to the Philippines must register for an eTravel card. Please follow this guide for reference – Register at eTravel.GOV.PH and Get an eTravel Card Pass

All those who are traveling to the Philippines (returning Filipinos as well as vistors) are required to register in the One Health Pass (OHP) online platform. Please be guided on the requirements and step-by-step registration process outlined in this article.

As more overseas Filipinos return to the country as a result of the ease of restrictions of borders in their respective countries, not to mention it’s the holiday season, despite the threat of COVID, authorities in the Philippines are seeking ways to accommodate these people as swiftly and easily as possible.

One method they do is by registering through the One Health Pass. Have you never heard of it? It’s about time you get acquainted with the system put in place by the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ), especially if you’re planning to come home or travel out of the country.

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The BOQ stated that beginning September 1, airports and entry points throughout the nation will begin accepting the One Health Pass for visitors and returning Filipinos. If you are a member of any of the specified groups who will be using the new app, carefully read the rest of this guide.

Guide in One Health Pass Registration for Filipinos and Travellers to Philippines

The Philippines has created a streamlined travel system that will allow its citizens to enter and exit the country more easily. If you’re coming from or going to Singapore, you’ll need to be acquainted with this system to ensure that your travel will be safe and well monitored. This system will also safeguard the safety of the Filipino workers.

How to Register in One Health Pass For Filipinos
Credits: PNA, One Health Pass Website

What is the One Health Pass?

One Health Pass is an online system that simplifies the processes related to obtaining a visa for travel to and from the Philippines. It has been fully implemented in September of 2021.

What are the Requirements?

Because the online system is primarily used for data collection, you must enter correct and crucial information about your health and personal past, as your data will be transmitted to the local government, where you will be returning.

To complete this assignment, go online to and fill out the health declaration and registration form. You must also submit your travel documentation, such as your passport, plane ticket, and immunization card, at the airport (a screenshot will do). So keep these items on ready for both your departure and arrival.


Travellers and returning Filipinos will be subject to this new system beginning September 1, 2021, according to the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ).

To ensure a pleasant travel experience, all Filipinos wanting to leave or return to the nation, whether for job or travel, maritime or land-based, must sign up on this system.

Features and Benefits

One Health Pass eliminates the need for travellers to carry around a lot of paper work. It also helps minimize their exposure to the virus by restricting their movements within the airport.

This digital platform is also provided at the airport. It saves you time and helps minimize your connection fees.

The system features a variety of features that allow you to track and record all of your details in a secure cloud. This eliminates the need for manual work in gathering and validating all of the necessary data. It also allows you to focus on preparing for your return to work.

Step by Step Guide One Health Pass Registration for Filipinos (5 Steps)


Step 1: Travelers coming in the nation should visit the One Health Pass website ( at least three (3) days before their trip to the Philippines to obtain a transaction number.

Important: Non-OFWs and foreign citizens must have a ten-day reservation at an authorised Quarantine Hotel. To find out which ones you can book at, go to and look for the list of approved hotels. OWWA will provide sponsorship for OFWs.

Step 2: Take a screenshot of your QR code once your record has been accepted by the system. When you arrive in the Philippines, you must display this at the airport. As a result, it is recommended to register before arriving in the country to facilitate smooth processing.

Step 3: You must complete a health declaration checklist within 24 hours of your flight or before boarding.

Arrival at the Airport

Step 4: Present your OHP personal QR code for arrival and hotel assignment upon arrival. You will then be directed to attend an orientation led by an immigration official before being issued an immigration clearance and directed to the quarantine hotel.

Step 5: Proceed to the Immigration Bureau for arrival clearance, then to baggage claims and customs inspection.

  • The One Health Pass System will then tell your local government unit that your quarantine period has ended and you are now free to travel overseas.

Step 6: Use an accredited or pre-arranged transportation service.

Step 7: After your quarantine time is completed, you will be issued your COVID-19 test result as well as a quarantine certificate.

  • Airport Taxi: Non-OFW and foreigners
  • OWWA Bus: OFW Land-based
  • LMA: OFW sea-based (Seafarers)


How to Register in One Health Pass For Filipinos
Credits: One Health Pass / Facebook
How to Register in One Health Pass For Filipinos
Credits: One Health Pass / Facebook
How to Register in One Health Pass For Filipinos
Credits: One Health Pass / Facebook

Video: Simple Guide to Registering for the One Health Pass

In this video, the vlogger shares the requirements, eligibility, and steps in registering for the One Health Pass through its official website. The goal of registering for the One Health Pass is to get a QR Code, indicating your status and eligibility to travel to and from the Philippines. So, this means that all OFWs as well as overseas Filipinos must register using this new system implemented by the Philippine government starting September of 2021.

As you know, the One Health Pass is only one of the requirements that you need to comply with before you can travel to and from the Philippines. Of course, travel requirements may also vary from your place of origin and your destination point. Thus, you need to be aware of these things, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about One Health Pass (OHP)

As this is still a relatively new system set in place, we list here some of the things people typically ask about the OHP.

  1. Is there a fee to register for the system?

No, you do not have to pay anything to register on the system. You will just need to provide information online and submit your data for national and local record-keeping, tracking, and monitoring purposes throughout your travel back or upon exit from the country. As a result, you must submit current and correct information about your work, health, and status as an OFW/Filipino citizen.

  1. When should I register on the system?

Ideally, you should do this before to boarding your aircraft. However, you can sign up in the system three days before your booked departure. The latest you can do this is when you arrive at the airport. You must complete the health declaration form at least 24 hours before your flight. Bring a copy of your immunisation certificate issued by the country from which you are travelling. A screenshot of the certificate’s physical or digital copy will suffice.

  1. Are there any other documents that I need to submit upon arrival at the airport?

Yes, standard paperwork like passports, aircraft tickets, and now your immunisation certificate must be shown at the airport upon arrival. It’s critical that you fill out the registration and health declaration forms on the One Health Pass website so that you don’t have to spend as much time at the airport, but you can still complete these forms upon arrival – better do it early and in the comfort of your own home (up to three days before your arrival in the Philippines).

  1. Am I required to download the app to register?

The One Health Pass is an online system that allows you to enter all of your personal, travel, and health information, including vaccination status. All of this information will be recorded in a system that can be accessed by airport officials as well as individuals who will greet you in your hometown or local government unit.

  1. I’m not classified as an OFW, but a vacationing Filipino citizen. Do I also need to register?

Yes, all travellers entering or leaving the Philippines, whether for work or pleasure, must complete the system’s form. OFWs must be careful to indicate this in the form because the OWWA will assign them to a quarantine facility/hotel. All other travellers must note in their form that they are travelling to the Philippines of their own initiative and will bear any expenses that may arise as a result, in accordance with local government rules.

Final Thoughts

It’s a very good thing that borders are now starting to relax, including here in Singapore. This means that some of those who have not left their homes, especially OFWs based abroad, can now book flights back home so that they can spend time with their families once again. But in order for this to happen, there are certain requirements and conditions to be met. One of which is registering via the One Health Pass. Through this guide, we hope our kababayans in Singapore can experience hassle-free and seamless travel to and from the Philippines, especially now that the holiday season is upon us all.

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