Mobile App Launched to Promote a “Greener Lifestyle” in Singapore

Last Dec. 12, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) launched a new app which aims to help make green living an easier lifestyle choice for all people in Singapore. The new green app, called the SEC Green Map, helps users locate the nearest recycling spots and it also provides the latest environment-friendly activities within the area which include car-free events and beach clean-ups.

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli spoke at the app launch event, emphasizing the need for all people to proactively take part in and adopt a green lifestyle.

SEC Green Map: A New Mobile App for a “Greener Lifestyle” in Singapore

Mr. Masagos also appealed to business owners to re-examine their day-to-day operations and identify ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

In line with Singapore’s goal to diminish greenhouse emissions, a carbon tax will be initiated in 2019. This taxation move will urge large-scale emitters to diminish their carbon emissions and gravitate towards investing on safe, clean, and low-carbon machineries and new market technologies.

The Carbon Pricing Bill, which will lay out the framework of the carbon tax law and its provisions which include the requisites for measurement, reporting and authentication, is set to be reviewed in the Q1 of 2018.

Furthermore, 12 pulp and paper products, all developed by consumer goods brand Kimberly-Clark, have been certified under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS), as announced by the SEC at the app launching event.

The enhanced SGLS, which was launched January of this year, seeks to urge companies to comply with stricter environmental guidelines such as haze-fighting methods.

The SEC Green Map app can already be downloaded by Android phone users, and will be available to Apple phone users before Christmas this year.