Travel Insurance: 5 Things to Look Out For

Going through a ton of paperwork to get insurance is usually a picture of gloom and boredom. This is pretty much the case for all types of insurance coverage, but given the constant threat of terrorism almost anywhere in the globe and the inevitability of accidents, travel insurance is simply one of the best investments frequent (and even first-time) travellers need to heavily consider.

So, what exactly do we need to know about travel insurance briefs? If you haven’t got the all the time in the world to go through the details, read on to know more about the five important things you actually need to pay attention to when reviewing your travel insurance terms and conditions:

5 Key Features of Travel Insurance Plans You Need to Pay Attention to

In this post we feature Singaporean travel guide, Changi Recommends’ HyfeAssure for your travel insurance needs.

  1. Tiered Insurance Packages

Typically, there are three packages most insurance plans offer: basic, executive and premium. The simple way to look at it is “the more expensive the package, the more extensive it gets.” This very outlook can be off-putting for most uninformed individuals. This makes them select the cheapest package, worse even, skip the trouble of getting coverage.

With HyfeAssure, you can review two competitive packages (Basic and Superior) which are outlined next to each other for easy comparison to help you choose the one that suits your needs.

  1. Maximum Payable Amount

Changi Recommends gives you value for your money. At an affordable price, you get a maximum payable overseas medical coverage of $75,000 (Basic) and $250,000 (Superior). That would be around S$5,000 for the Basic and S$20,000 for the Superior package. Overseas medical coverage includes hospitalization and other related medical expenses.

Furthermore, you can file and claim a benefit of up to $200 at any Changi recommends counter for coverage on medical expenses, travel delay, baggage damage, baggage delay and travel misconnections to cover your immediate flight troubles. The overall benefit limit sits at $500 for the Basic plan and $1,000 for the Superior plan.

  1. Medical Evacuation

In the event that you get involved in a serious accident or sustain a life-threatening illness where medical evacuation or repatriation back to Singapore is necessary, HyfeAssure has got your back covered.

It’s also worth noting that all medical emergency evacuation expenses are readily covered with no benefit limit for both Basic and Superior plans unlike other travel insurance policies.


  1. 24-hour assistance hotline

Accidents can happen at any given time that’s why it is very important to have a reliable assistance hotline where you can get necessary help or advice on what to do to address any untoward incident or mishap wherever you are in the world. HyfeAssure provides round-the-clock support, which just shows how much they put value and priority in your travels and any concerns that may come along with it.

  1. Travel Difficulties

Apart from the constant threat of terrorism, the little things such as flight delays, missing or delayed baggage as well as the ineptitude of a travel agency can definitely spoil anybody’s trip.

However, these are just the scenarios which HyfeAssure doesn’t want you bring with you on your travels. That’s why HyfeAssure has set claims that will benefit policy holders right at the airport where there is a Changi Recommends counter. Any travel or baggage delay entitles the insured $100 for every 6 hours of delay, with a maximum amount of $200, as mentioned above.

Make your travels safe and worry-free by getting a reliable and competent travel insurance policy so you can focus on making new memories and enjoying the entire experience of your travel overseas.