Heightened Security to be Expected Around Trump-Kim Summit Venues

In preparation for the June 12 summit which is considered to be “a momentous global event” for its deep international relevance, expect to encounter heightened security and increased police visibility in venues for the Trump-Kim summit to be held in Singapore.

Earlier this month, Singapore has been ranked #1 in terms of safety and police security in the world by global research study group Gallup. For this important event, the Singapore Police Force’s Operations Department Director and Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) How Kwang Hee shared with the press in a meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) headquarters last June 6, that the June 12 event has been declared an “Enhanced Security Special Event” by the MHA and is sanctioned by the Public Order Act.


Singapore Police Force Trump Kim
Image Credit: Singapore Police Force FB Page

Trump-Kim Summit Locations to be on High Police Security Alert

According to SAC How, the Singapore Police Force, in collaboration with Home Team Agencies, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAC), as well as the auxiliary police forces, will be sent out in various locations during the summit. The security plan has been developed in close collaboration with advanced security teams from both countries (the US and North Korea) to ensure that everything proceeds accordingly.

As part of the routine security protocol, the police will be performing mandatory security checks and inspection on all persons, vehicles, and transport containers entering and leaving the perimeter of the summit venues, which are identified as “Enhanced Security Event Areas” starting June 10 ‘til June 14, Mr. How explained.

The security event areas include certain parts of Tanglin, where the US Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Shangri-La Hotel, and Sentosa are located. The summit will be convened within the premises of Sentosa’s Capella Hotel.

A boundary had also been established around Tanglin, Newton, and in some parts of Orchard Road which have been designated as “Special Event Areas” last June 4, and around Sentosa Island and Southern Islands last June 5 according to the MHA.

The police will be conducting additional security checks and inspection within the “special zones” for the event. Moreover, authorities assigned in these areas hold the right to refuse any person or vehicle from entering these locations or to have them removed from within as deemed necessary. Other security measures effected within and around the special event areas include the confiscation and flight ban of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), prohibition of any vessel movement and activity by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, as well as items such as loud hailers, petroleum, and other flammable/combustible materials.

Aside from the identified summit area locations, the police will also be spread out in terms of security patrol and surveillance units in areas where high human traffic is expected.