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Singapore is a home of unique and exciting tourist spots. It’s true that when you are in this city, it’s like you are exploring a futuristic world with lots of good infrastructures and panoramic views. This is the reason why plenty of tourists are enjoying this city together with Hong Kong, Macau, and nearby countries. Plan your vacation now and enjoy the best of Singapore!

One of the best tourist spots in Singapore is Sentosa Giant Swing. You can swing, scoop, and scream with AJ Hackett as you ride their giant swing. Take note, this is the one and only giant swing you can find in Singapore. This is safe for everyone in your family since the company exercises extra precautions during the ride. But of course, to be sure, check your harness before you go for a full ride. For everyone who’s looking for information about this tourist spot, here’s what you need to know.

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The Sentosa Giant Swing can only cater to 2 to 3 tourists at a time. This means that 2 or 3 of your family or friends can enjoy the swing and scream together. The kind of fun you’ve never experienced before can be found in this tourist spot. If you haven’t experienced the swing for yourself, this is the best time for you to try. Don’t worry, you will be strapped facing down so you could see your environment when you are swinging. In that way, you will get a thrilling experience that you will only get in Sentosa Giant Swing.

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When you are riding the swing, your height from the ground is about 40 meters. In front of the giant swing is the Siloso Beach where you will see the stunning Singapore Sunset. As you swing, those views will blur but it’s fine since the experience would be better. The cycle runs for 5 minutes with a maximum capacity of 72 people per hour. There is a full-body harness per person and it permits 6 different swing styles. If the weight of the 3 persons combines, the swing can accommodate up to 300kg per swing. That’s how useful, safe, and thrilling the Sentosa Giant Swing is.

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What To Expect

  • The participants in this giant swing are solely responsible for their physical and mental condition so before you try it out, make sure you are fit to do so.
  • A personal declaration is required at the registration point. This is applicable to everyone.
  • Prepare yourself as this will be as thrilling as ever.

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Video: Sentosa Giant Swing

Check out this video of Sentosa Giant Swing and what you can expect from this tour.

Contact Information

Name of Tour/Company: Sentosa Giant Swing
Address: 30 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 7:00 PM

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