5 Exhibits to Explore at Science Centre Singapore

Whether you are a tourist who wants to explore the centre, an expert who wants to expand his knowledge about science and technology, a local who is looking for fun, or a student who wishes to discover more about scientific studies via an educational tour, you will surely find something interesting at the Science Centre.

One or two hours might be enough to explore and visit a particular exhibition or a quick overview of the Science Centre, but it will take more than one day to fully experience the interactive exhibitions, activities and shows offered.

The Science Centre is open daily starting from 10 AM until 6 PM.

Science Centre Singapore sing
Photo by Walter Lim

The centre showcases more than a thousand individual exhibits, which are interactive and hands-on. If you are visiting only for a day, here are some suggestions on which you should visit first.

1. Tuning In: Brain and Body

There are exhibition highlights in the area namely: Sensing Brain, Emotional Brain, Thinking Brain and the 21st Brain. All highlights are about one of the important features in the body which is the brain. Here, it is explained how our brain functions. There are interactive games you can play as everyone enjoys while learning.

2. Waterworks

From the word itself, waterworks, this area features water, which is pretty essential in our daily living. Upon entering, you will be given a raincoat, so expect to get wet. Some of the Waterworks highlights are Water Clock Tower (water monitoring devices are attached), Water Maze (made up of water jets where you’ll avoid not getting wet), Water Saver (shoot water to containers and see how much water you are using daily) and Giant Dryer (a giant alarm clock that will keep you dry after the previous games).

3. Our Solar System

One unique exhibition in Science Centre is the Solar System wherein the Sun is placed in the Science Centre. The other planets are outside of the centre, meaning all of the other planets are located in different parts of Singapore. You might see them while having your tour around the city. You can also learn more about our Solar System while traveling. Isn’t it great?.

4. Kinetic Garden

This is the frontage of the Science Centre as it welcomes you. It will help you discover more about different forms of energy. Some of the highlights are Lithophone (musical instrument where you can play music), Walk Your Weight (weight finder in a creative way through balancing) and Magic Swing (energy transformation is displayed).

5. Sound Exhibition

There are many sounds in the world, and some are common to us while others remain unfamiliar. In Sound Exhibition, you will learn more about the sound waves, the resonance of the different musical instruments and you can test your own hearing. Witness the fantastic Sound Show and be truly amazed.

That are just 5 of the Science Centre exhibitions. There are other activities that you can enjoy while learning too. Take time to visit the centre for a productive and fun day.