6 Thrilling Adventures at the Night Safari

Ever heard of a safari that only opens at night? Well, now you can experience it all at Night Safari. From the name itself, yes it only opens at night which leads to a more thrilling and exciting adventure. By the way, the safari park is a home to over 2,000 animals residing all over the place.

This safari opens from 7:30 PM until 12 midnight. The show named Creatures of the Night Show starts at exactly 7:30 PM and visitors are encouraged to come early to secure seats. This is a 20-minute interactive show that highlights the natural abilities of some of the nocturnal animals. Shops and restaurants are also open from 5:30 PM until closing time.

night safari adventure singapore
Photo by Alexander Baxevanis

Night Safari opened in the year 1994 and dubbed as the first safari hub or park for nocturnal animals in the world. Not to mention, the multi-awarded park welcomes over a million visitors per year and they come from all across the globe to witness the animals in their nighttime habitats.

1. Tram ride

As far as I’m concerned, the thrilling tram ride that transverses you to the seven geographical zones is the highlight of the tour. From rugged and rocky Himalayan Foothills to the Asian Riverine Forest’s cool banks, your tram guide will discuss a lot of interesting tales and facts about the animals of all kind and their respective habitats along your wonderful journey.

singapore night safariPhoto by Alexander Baxevanis

2. Private safari tour

For those who are looking for a more personalized experience, you may book for a VIP journey on the Safari Adventurer Tour, where a tour guide will take you and your group on a private safari park tour.

3. Various kinds of interesting animals and its habitats

Take a stroll at the trails to get an up close experience of the animals. Explore more into the world of the animals at the giant aviaries alongside the Leopard Trail, wherein you can get a glimpse at the gorgeous leopards. You can also pay a visit to the intriguing Fishing Cat Trail, and witness their riverside hunt. Trek then, into the wild outback to uncover the native wildlife of Australia with a family of wallabies in their walk-through habitat along the Wallaby Trail.

4. World class act

Enjoy the famous performances are filled with surprises! Make sure to catch their charming talented group of tribal warriors, as they dazzle and entertain you with their mind-blowing stunts and acrobatics.

5. Delectable restaurants

Please your palate with the unique and diverse culinary offerings of the Night Safari. You can also get a movable feast with your group at the highly acclaimed Gourmet Safari Express. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, corporate event or any celebration, you and your group will experience a filling candlelight dinner on a tram as you continue to explore the rest of the safari park.

6. Well-maintained ecosystem

Night Safari has won a ton of awards in their effort to conserve the biodiversity. The safari park also bred different animals in order to support and increase the population of the animals. Malayan tigers and tapirs as well as fishing cats, Asian lions and elephants and more are among the endangered species.

Visit and experience the one of a kind Night Safari.