6 Activities to Do when in Singapore

Singapore is an ideal place for travelers to see and experience some of the best of what Asia has to offer. So what exactly can you do or find in Singapore? Here we will discuss the best activities when visiting the Lion City- Singapore.

This would be a great experience especially to first-time travellers in the city. Although there many options, here’s a sample of what you can expect:

6 Thing to Do in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands light show
photo credit: Tristan Schmurr

  1. Party in style at the Marina Bay Sands.

If you want to splurge for some fun and games and are into partying, then you surely wouldn’t want to miss the huge Marina Bay Sands which is a well-known resort and casino located at 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore. It’s got a luxurious casino place which provides world-class shows and performances pretty much like what Las Vegas offers. Anyone can enter the bar for free, but you may need to order a drink. Most drinks are worth $10 SG and up. There’s also a Venice-inspired shopping mall that showcases an indoor canal with gondola rides. If that’s not enough a feat yet, the place also boasts a luxurious infinity pool hanging over 57 feet off the ground on a unique boat-like structure that rests on top of three curved skyscrapers—truly a remarkable work of art! But don’t take our word for it, you have to see it for yourself!

  1. Go on a gastronomic hunt at the Hawker Food Market.

hawker food stall
photo credit: shankar s.

Foodies and travellers certainly will neither be hungry nor be disappointed when visiting Singapore as a trip to the hawkers provides a variety of authentic Asian delicacies. There are plenty of dishes to choose from; Local bestsellers such as Hainanese chicken rice, dim sum, and the famous rice dish Nasi Lemak are must-trys when checking out food markets such as the Lau Pa Sat or Maxwell Road. The food does not disappoint and visitors can satisfy their appetites without spending over $20 USD!

  1. Commune with nature at the Botanic Gardens.

Botanic Garden in Singapore
photo credit: _paVan_

Sometimes, vacations are meant to be spent somewhere away from the crowds, the pressure of schedules and noisy entertainment. Take a deep breath of fresh air and let all your worries dissipate in the midst of a cool rainforest, gentle lakes, and lush forage in Singapore’s Botanic Garden where a variety of colors awaits. When you’re in Cluny Road, Singapore be sure to check out the National Orchid Garden where at least 60, 000 orchid plants are cultivated in more than seven acres of land. Entrance fees cost $12 per adult and $7 per child.

  1. Take a trip on the wild side at the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.

Singapore Night Zoo safari picture
credit: fakepunju

Nature-goers and certainly the kids are in for a treat if they happen to be at Mandai Lake Road where two of the world’s best zoological attractions are found. The Singapore Zoo is designed to have open enclosures to let tourists have a closer view of the animals in the wild whereas visitors are given a tour in the wild to view nocturnal creatures hang around in the Night Safari. Entrance fees range from $22 per child and $33 for adults.

5. Experience a new culture in the heart of the city’s Arab Quarter

Arab Street picture
credit: Sue

Singapore is known as one of Asia’s melting pots of different cultures. If you think you’ve hung out too often in Singapore’s dazzling shopping malls why not visit somewhere new and while you’re at it enjoy a Middle-Eastern take on shopping… you’ll discover great finds ranging from unique designer dresses to intricate furniture pieces. If you’re really not into shopping, you can simply go for a stroll in the Arab Quarter and enjoy the beautiful architecture inside the Sultan Mosque. This is definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss when in Singapore.

  1. Take your sightseeing to a different height aboard the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore Flyer photo
credit: Qi Wei Fong

If you’re not afraid of heights and are raring to see beautiful Singapore from a bird’s eye view then you have got to board on Singapore’s very own version of the London Eye. At 541 feet tall, the Singapore Flyer without a doubt is right up there on the list of the world’s tallest ferris wheels. The Singapore Flyer is strategically located in Raffles Avenue where you can find Esplanade buildings and unhurried streets along Marina Bay. Long queues don’t have to scare you because apparently, not many locals get on this ride on a daily basis. Prices are $33 per adult and $21 per child. Still, this 30-minute ride up there is just a quick preview of the beauty of this unique city.

Indeed, Singapore has so much more to offer than what simply meets the eye. There’s so many things you can do that you need to plan ahead to make the most of your time.