The Singapore Heritage Festival on 28 April to 14 May 2017

The end of the long Labor Day weekend marks the beginning of the 2-week Singapore Heritage Festival that will run until the 14th of May in various locations in Singapore City.

Singapore is widely known as a city that takes pride in its multicultural colors and roots. Locals and tourists alike will get a fresh look at the various sights and sounds that are unique to cultural locations in Singapore City such as Little India, Bukit Pasoh, Caldecott Hill, and the Gan Heritage Center.

Schedule: 28 April to 14 May 2017

singapore heritage festival
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Singapore Heritage Festival

Through the initiative of Singapore’s very own Cultural Heritage Board, exciting tours and exhibits will be available to the public come end of April up to mid-May. Visitors will be treated to free admission to our top 6 picks of culturally-inspired events, on top of a number of organized  tours all throughout the city of Singapore.

  1. Enjoy Akar, a free movie at the Peranakan Museum.

The public is invited for a free screening of ‘Akar’ a movie created by film students of LASALLE College of Arts hosted in the famous Peranakan Museum. The film dabbles at the unique Singaporean identity which is a mix of various races, cultures, languages, and ways of living. The film is a fresh take on Singapore’s proud cultural heritage through the eyes of promising young filmmakers.

  1. Go down memory lane on The Food Exhibit at the Asian Civilizations Museum.

With a tinge of nostalgia to its name, ‘I Was Here’ is a food exhibit inspired by the well-loved Empress Place Food Center- a popular food joint located in front of the Asian Civilizations Museum (formerly 1 Empress Place). Visitors will get a familiar taste of the well-received Singaporean food heritage while exchanging stories, recounting memories and enjoying old and new relationships. This event intends for the public to re-experience the food and dining experience in a familiar place that has been an important part of the Lion City’s cultural points. Giving a modern flair to a number of famous hawker seats, the public will not only be satisfied their hunger but also a bit of their craving for the good old days.

  1. Little India comes alive at Campbell Lane.

Feast your eyes on the remarkable street art when you take a stroll along Campbell Lane. Highlighted with colourful floral art designs and prime Indian textile subjects, visitors will be treated to an amazing display of visuals, a small peek of the Indian heritage in the very heart of Singapore.

  1. Get to know the esteemed personalities and families at the exhibition held at the Novena Square Atrium.

Despite Singapore being a relatively small city, there is no shortage of historical value in its well-loved landmarks and stories of influential families of the past. Among these well-known landmarks, icons such as the Great World Amusement Park, the Satay Club, and the Van Kleef Aquarium are probably the ones that have significantly helped shape the unique Singapore heritage.

  1. Check out Aksi Mat Yoyo to the Awakening and back again, a novel feature from yesteryears’ brilliant glory.

Fans of old TV shows get an encore screening of their all-time favorites displayed on cathode ray TV sets at the Caldecott Broadcast Center. A collection of iconic TV show snippets are brought together covering a total of 30 memorable years to create an unforgettable milestone to the TV50 Exhibition in time for the SHF.

  1. Write it with love, from Bukit Pasoh.

On May 10, if you happen to be in Bukit Pasoh Road, make sure to drop by the Gan Heritage Center to view a calligraphy exhibit on the building’s fourth level from 4-7 pm. And if you’ve been wanting to learn the art for yourself, be sure to come down just a level below the exhibit location for a free calligraphy workshop conducted in Mandarin. Just a little bit early into the evening, you will also witness an outdoor calligraphy session by the Life Art Society just in front of the building.

The Singapore Heritage Festival 2017 runs from April 28 to May 14. This city-wide celebration engages the public to explore the untold stories of the people and unfamiliar places which the Lion City has to offer.