How to Apply for a Canada Visit Visa in Singapore

People from all over the world visit Canada because it’s a place you can go to explore a lot of beautiful nature sceneries, and experience a variety of culture. Plus, it’s near the USA, so as a tourist, you can just see a lot of similarities in terms of culture and the way of life. Also, many foreigners consider Canada as a reasonable place to visit if you’re on a budget.

However, just like in the USA, in order to visit Canada, you need to apply for a Tourist Visa. If you’re based in Singapore, you can process your visa application via the VFS Global service in your place of residence. Here’s how:

Applying for a Canada Tourist Visa in Singapore

Securing a visitor visa will serve as proof that you have met all the requirements in order to travel to Canada. Here are some of the general requirements to begin your visa application process:


  • A copy of any valid travel document such as your original passport
  • Your flight booking and travel itinerary in Canada
  • An invitation letter from your family or relatives necessitating your travel to Canada
  • Any government-issued document such as a Police Clearance to prove that you do not have any criminal record or immigration-related infractions committed in your place of residence.
  • Your travel documents (passports or visas issued during the last decade)
  • A copy of you medical exam result
  • Copies of your recent passport size photographs
  • Documents to show your financial capacity such as your bank certificate (issued within the last four months prior your application)
    • Your cash funds in the bank should be able to cover all your expenses for the trip.
    • You may also provide as many any of the following documents to strengthen your application:
      • Letter of employment, proof of assets and/or businesses,  income tax reports, statements, and declarations , as well as a letter from your sponsor whether it be from an individual or an institution who shall shoulder your travel expenditures going to Canada (if applicable).


  1. Go to the IRCC website and log-in/create an account. Read all the information regarding the requirements for your visa application.
  2. Download, print, and fill out all required forms, checklists, and consent waivers which apply for your purpose of visit to Canada.

Note: The IRCC website should provide you an “application package” with all the forms you’ll need for your visa application process. Please carefully read through each and fill them out completely.

  1. Settle the visa processing fees and biometric fees (if applicable) for your temporary resident or visitor visa application priced at $CAN 100. There will be an additional charge of $CAN 85 per person for the biometric fees, if applicable. You may settle your fees online using your debit or credit card as this is the only acceptable forms of payment online.
  2. Visit the nearest Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC) in your area and make sure to have all your documents with you on your date of visit.
  3. There will be a service charge that you need to pay at the CVAC for your visa application and processing. After payment, you will be issued a receipt with a unique code (reference number) which you will use to track the progress of your online application.


Final Note/s:

The online tracking service will not show you the result or the final evaluation of your visa application. It will only indicate whether your passport and visa are still being processed or if they’re already ready for collection.


Also, picking up your passport and visa (if approved) is highly advised so that you can check all the important information in your travel documents and make sure that everything is correct.


Canada Visa Application Centre

135 Cecil Street,

08 floor Singapore 069536

Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday (except official holidays)

Visa Application and Passport Submission:  8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Collection:  2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Tel. No: +65 6703 6992