How to Apply for a Belize Tourist Visa in Singapore

There’s something charming and exciting whenever we hear the word, “Caribbean”. Images of pristine, clear blue waters and a tropical paradise come to mind for most of us, but there’s certainly more to look forward to on this sunny patch of heaven on earth, and the great thing about it is that not many people actually know much about the great places you can visit in the Caribbean for a great vacation. And one of these places is beautiful Belize. In this post, we share some of the great things about Belize as a country, and what you need to do to apply for a Belize Tourist Visa from Singapore.

If visiting any of the Schengen countries in Europe or the USA doesn’t fall under the list of your priority vacation spots, then try somewhere more “chill” and less crowded for a change. Belize is a simple (meaning, not too commercialized) country situated just below Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Sure, it’s simple but what greets you on your first visit would be anything short of wonderful. Think: seaside condos, colonial mansions, jungle lodges, and Maya temples. Plus, the cost of living in Belize is relatively cheaper than anywhere in Europe or in the North America, so you can really maximize your experience as a tourist in Belize. Experience world-class scuba-diving with sharks and stingrays and a worry-free island lifestyle here in Belize.

Applying for a Belizean Tourist Visa in Singapore

Filipino citizens regardless of their place of residence are required to get a tourist visa to visit Belize. The Honorary Consulate of Belize in Singapore has set the following requirements and steps to apply for a tourist visa here in Singapore:


Note: All copies of the required documents need to be submitted with the original.

  • A duly accomplished printed visa application form available at the Belizean Embassy in Singapore or at the website of the Department of Immigration and Nationality Services of Belize.
  • Your original passport (must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of your travel), plus a copy of the bio data page of the passport of the applicant and sponsor (where applicable)
  • A recent passport size photograph
  • A copy of your air travel booking and travel itinerary
  • A copy of your hotel booking or the complete contact information of your host in Belize, if you are being sponsored for accommodation.
  • Proof of your Financial Capacity (i.e. recent bank statements, income tax certificates, business titles and other proof of assets, where applicable)
  • A copy of your travel insurance for this trip
  • A reference letter from your employer or education institution that you are attending
  • An invitation letter from your host in Belize (if applicable). The letter should clearly indicate your relationship or connection with your host. A copy of the following documents should also be provided and attached by the host to this letter: their passport or Social Security Card


  1. Visit the Honorary Consulate of Belize in Singapore and submit the above listed documents.

The Honorary Consulate of Belize in Singapore

101 Cecil Street 22-01 Tong Eng Building, Singapore 069533, Singapore

Person of Interest: Mr Allen Raphael Walters – Honorary Consul


Contact Information:

Tel. No: (+65) 6224 4312

Fax: (+65) 6224 6230


Consular Hours:

9:00 am to 5:00 pm


  1. Pay the consular fees equivalent to the prescribed fees by the Belizean Immigration Department in your country’s currency.
  2. Once your visa application has been accepted and processed. Please wait for further instructions and notification for your visa application status.
  3. As a final reminder, please remember to get a medical check-up at least 4 to 6 weeks before your planned trip and make sure that you have your updated vaccination record with you as this may be required by the Immigration officer who will check your visa for your trip to Belize. To know more about the vaccination requirements that you may need for your trip, please click here.