How to Apply for an Australia Tourist Visa in Singapore

If you’ve set your sights on visiting Australia this year, whether for a holiday vacation or a short visit to a relative or friend, then you need to first process your tourist visa before you get packing and head your way to the land from down under.

For starters, there are various kinds of visas that you can avail depending on your purpose and length of stay in Australia. But if you’re a Singapore passport holder, you are eligible to apply for an ETA visa (Subclass 601), otherwise, foreign nationals or expats living in Singapore can apply for a visit (Subclass e600) visa online through ImmiAccount or through the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC).

By DeathlyFireKing – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Applying for an Australian Tourist Visa – Step By Step Process:

Here are the steps and requirements for your Australian tourist visa application through the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC):


For the specified reason/s above- classified under Subclass 600, all those who wish to visit Australia are required to completely fill out form 1419 which you can download here along with a copy of the Subclass 600 checklist which you can get here to apply for an Australian tourist visa. Also, consider preparing your visa application by as early as 3 months before your target travel date.

You will also need the following documents to support your tourist visa application:

  • Your valid original passport and a copy of your passport’s biodata page.
    • Important for first-time visitors to Australia: Prepare copies of your passport’s travel pages to establish your travel records and history.
  • Provide any of the following: National Registration ID Card (NRIC), Employment Pass, Social Visit Pass, Dependent Pass, Student Pass, or Work Permit
  • A passport size photograph
  • Your flight itinerary (not your air ticket)
    • Note: It is best to wait for your visa to be approved first prior paying for your flight ticket to avoid any difficulties.
  • For employed individuals: a letter from your employer indicating your employment status, your length of employment, salary and position, your approved leave dates, and whether your leave is compensated or not. If you plan to go on an extended leave from work, the letter should also indicate if your job would still be available to you on your return (specify business registration, if applicable). For those who have just recently started with a new job, consider preparing a similar document to support your recent employment and salary history.
  • If you are unemployed and are married: present your marriage certificate, and documents that will serve as proof of your spouse’s employment status and income (as detailed in the previous point)
  • If married or in a de facto spouse relationship where your spouse is also not concurrently applying for visa: prepare a copy of your spouse’s passport’s identity page.



  1. Identify the visa subclass that is appropriate for the purpose of your visit in Australia.
  2. Prepare all the required documents to support your application.

Note: Make sure to submit all supporting documents at the time of your application to avoid unnecessary delays.

  1. Prepare your payments for your application as well as for the service charges. To check the updated list of visa application fees and service charges, check out the VFS Global Website.
  2. Set an appointment online to submit your visa application and requirements (including your biometric data) at the AVAC.

Note: Applications sent by mail or through courier do not need to have an appointment schedule.

  1. Submit your visa application either by mail or in person. The Australian Visa Application Cantre can be located at:

135 Cecil Street
#08-01 MYP Plaza
Singapore 069536

As mentioned, filing your visa application should be done at least two months before your travel date. It’s also important that you turn in all the required documents at the time of your application.

And as a final tip: Remember that the seasons in Australia are quite the opposite from the Northern hemisphere so be properly advised.