Top Industries in SG this 2018

Are you thinking of shifting to a new career? Are you planning to work here in Singapore? If these concerns plague your thoughts every day and every night, you might just simply need a little push to the “trending” if not the right direction. Here, we will give you the rundown of the Top 4 Leading Industries in Singapore this 2018.

By Someformofhuman – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

4 Leading Industries in Singapore this 2018:

  1. Start-Ups

Living among millenials, the Singaporean job landscape has truly changed towards a more simplified, flexible, and egalitarian workspace. People entering the business of making jobs or providing services to others, with the help of technology nowadays, have bigger gains than being a regular 9-5 office professional. Perhaps the most important factor to consider when going for a start-up business, is to the pick what’s considered “hot” at the moment. For one, you know that there is an actual need for your product/services so there will be a market that will be ready for your business.

Of course, you can think of and imagine a handful of start-up business ideas, but here in Singapore, if you haven’t really looked into it, most of the fastest rising start-ups are those related to or those that incorporate technology in the kind of product or service they offer. Some of the local start-ups that have caught fire in terms of global funding and has become household names in Singapore and in the region include RedMart,, Honestbee, and Carousell.


  1. Fitness

As the population here in Singapore is getting older, many people, even the young ones, have become more fitness-conscious as seen in the rise of many new fitness establishments such as Barre2Barre, Bbounce Studio, and Grapple MAX.

This trend in Singapore has also caught the attention of some tech start-ups to tie up with their services namely, GuavaPass and KFIT.

Gyms are not the only ones who can cash in from this new trend, as other fitness options such as MMA, CrossFit, Yoga, and Pilates have also become popular among fitness fans.


  1. FinTech

Singapore has already established itself as an important financial hub in Asia. That said, many companies and start-up businesses, also known as FinTech disruptors, have cashed in on this trend by providing new technologies and systematized processes to better enhance financial services and benefits from mobile payments, lending services to insurances and investments.

This rapid growth in the FinTech landscape has created a large demand for workers and professionals who possess knowledge and understanding of the financial market, the products involved, as well as those who are equipped with digital marketing and product and tech management skills.

If your work is along the tech start-up alley, then consider looking for a job on the fintech space as there are plenty of opportunities and room for more knowledge and career growth that will help you establish yourself in this thriving industry.


  1. Cryptocurrencies and ICOs

While not many people are quite convinced with the potential and sustaining power of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, the reality is that: Singapore has already become a strong centre of cryptocurrency activities in Asia.

As the presence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is still on its early stages, there’s definitely plenty of room to learn and grow for those people who have progressive mind-sets and are looking to build their expertise in this trending industry at the moment.


If you’re looking to build a stable and profitable career here in Singapore, you need to do some research to learn more about the new industries that have taken over the professional market not just within the region, but also across the globe. If you’re the type who doesn’t go with the popular choice, then it’s probably high time for you to adopt a new mind-set, especially if you’re looking to expand your horizons all over the world.