5 Alternative Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy for the Unathletic this 2018

So, 2018 has rolled out pretty nicely, but your fitness goals aren’t exactly laid out yet… Well, here’s some good news for the unsporty and unathletic ones, which is, quite frankly, a whole lot of us. There are some pretty cool ways to keep fit and active even without handling a ball or a glove in hand and we will walk you through five of them in this post.

If you’re looking for a new hobby that isn’t going to cost you a fortune on membership fees and fancy equipment while sticking to your fitness goals, then this is perfect for you.

Non-Sport Hobbies You Can Try for a More Active Lifestyle this 2018

Image Credit: Shabai Liu, Flickr
  1. Juggling

Sure, you’ve seen a lot of this on TV but have you ever looked into the actual skill and tricks that you can learn with a couple of balls in a series of tossing, catching, bouncing, dropping and picking? It looks simple but it can literally bust a sweat, especially at the beginning and definitely even as you learn more complex skills and tricks later on.


To begin, you’ll just need a set of three balls to juggle, but if you can’t get your hands on the legit ones right away you can also roll a couple of pairs of socks just to get your thing underway.

By Ryan Oelke from Boulder, CO, CC BY-SA 2.0
  1. Playing Drums

Looking for an outlet to put your creative juices to work while busting some sweat in the process? Pick up those drum sticks and bang your way to fitness. Did you know that playing the drums requires a high level of endurance, and depending on one’s weight- playing the drums can help you burn more than 250 calories in an hour’s session.

Of course, you can’t start playing without a drum set. For starters, an electric set would be most appropriate just so you can avoid getting angry phone calls or an unwelcome visit from a furious neighbour.

While the brand new electric or acoustic drum sets are priced at least $500, they’re still what you need before deciding whether to hire a personal teacher or learn solo with some help from online resources. To get a second-hand set for a cheaper price, you can go online and check out Carousell – that is, if you’re truly willing to invest on your fitness and health.

Image Credit: Elvert Barnes
  1. Slacklining

Did you ever wonder what kind of training circus performers are on to stay trim, fit and nimble?  You don’t have to run away from home to join the circus to achieve your fitness goals though because you can try slacklining for your personal pleasure or with a group of friends. Slacklining is the act of crossing or balancing your way on a suspended line pretty much similar to a tight wire. All you need to get right on it is the slackline itself.

You can invest on a pretty good slackline for $140 – $180, but if you’re on a budget, you can order online for cheaper ones sold abroad.

  1. Social Dancing

Dancing has always been a form of social activity, but going to zumba or aerobics classess has become pretty much an all-too familiar routine at the gym that’s why the hype died our pretty fast. The key to keeping to this hobby lies on your style selection. Pick a style that suits your taste, like, if you’re into sexy salsa or into the elegance of ballroom dancing, take classes that will allow for your personal style of dancing (or self-expression).

Enrolling with a dance instructor can cost you around $60 to $120 a month. You might also want to consider investing on a pair of dance shoes to keep in step with the beat as you progress with your lessons, before you eventually take it to the bar and the club dance floor.

By Michalowic – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
  1. Geocaching

If you got hooked to Pokemon Go, then try geocaching for fun, too. It’s like a modern day treasure hunt adventure because you track caches (containers that come in different sizes with surprises – pre-loved or random goodie items ) hidden by other players in places you can get to with the help of GPS coordinates and direction. Besides getting on your feet for some sort of a real-life treasure hunt, you can also visit new places you’ve never been to, or wouldn’t have gotten to if it didn’t fall on your usual work-home route.


Geocaching is fun, and more importantly – it’s free! You just need to sign up for a free account on their website  and you can start searching for caches using your smartphone.

If you aren’t keen on travelling some ways off your area, then try checking for caches within walking distances right in your own neighbourhood.  There are millions of geocaches all around the globe so you wouldn’t miss out on the fun wherever you are.


Whether you’re looking to get into a new hobby, start a more active lifestyle, or both – there are plenty of innovative ways to reach your goals this 2018. You just have to get a little head start and keep at it for as long as you’d like to.